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So, as promised, here are some picture of the puppet theater that I recently completed for my committee at school. It represents a good $50-60, and many hours of my (and my parent's) time. I'll hopefully have event pictures with us using it soon, but for now this is what I've got.

Oops, except you've got to click to actually see the pictures! )

Tell me what you think~! Good or bad!
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I feel so unfocused right now.

I spent last weekend (right after midterms) in Anaheim attending a Pharmacy conference. The plus side is, of course, I got to go to Disneyland too! And see two of my dear, dear friends from high school who live down there now. And since one of them works for Disneyland, I got to get into the park for free. :D The Happiest Place on Earth (TM) is only made more wonderful when it's free.

So I had a wonderful time, but it's been bad trying to focus this week - I didn't get the rest I usually get after a test week, and have just kind of been dragging. It doesn't help that there's been some interpersonal dramas this week - everyone (including me) has just been a little waspish this semester, and it's starting to really get to me.

Last night I really didn't do any work, and ended up going to Jo-Ann's Fabric and Crafts to get the final supplies for my puppet theatre (which I'll post pictures of when it's complete). I also did the gold paint detailing work on the board (which I think looks terrible, but eh), so that's out of the way. Now all that remains is the strengthen the board and get the curtain sewn. Before Monday. *faints* But the goal was to create something that can be used for several years, and I think I'll have done it. :) I also stopped by Borders (Maple White Mocha goodness!) and found the most amazing thing ever: an X-Men pop up book. In the bargain section.
I don't know who's crackhead mind came up with that (it uses actual comic panels!), but it is without a doubt the most amazing/insane thing I've ever seen. For just $5, I had to have it. I also picked up Prilla's Prize and Fairy Lanterns from the Disney Fairies collection, also for well below retail. ^__^

During this week, instead of studying I've plowed my way through the entire first season of Winx. This is crazy, as the last time I watched the first season, I also went through the whole thing in a week. I swear, ever since I started playing as Brandon in the Winx Club RPG ([livejournal.com profile] winxclubrpg) - and having a marvelous time, I might add - I've been really hungry to watch Winx again. I have to say, I still love the show just as much as when I first started watching it. Stella's lines still make me laugh out loud (like when she says to Flora "Like homeopathy's going to work against dark magic? It's like, 'Don't mess with us or we'll hit you with a daisy and go all herbal on you!'"). In fact, I think this rewatch really renewed my love for Stella as a character.

Granted, though I came to the show late (I didn't start watching it until the third season), Winx will always hold a special place for me because it's what started my "Second Renaissance" of creative endeavors after several "dry" years.

So now I want to pull out my Season 2 DVDs and give those a whirl. :)
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I feel as though I've been running a mental marathon that started back on the 17th of this month, and is only finishing up (sort of) now.

It started with the super-busy weekend that was detailed in my last post. That led into the following crazy week (with new, up-to-date descriptions!)

Monday: Health Poster Project Presentation, which went well. Big relief there. :)

Tuesday and Wednesday: Started work at Longs Drugs for Early Experience rotation hours. I was going to post about these earlier in the week, but was just too tired. After the first day of standing for roughly five hours, my feet felt like someone was pushing hot pins into them. I have since ordered more comfortable shoes to minimize this issue. However, the work itself was very interesting - I learned quite a bit about inputting information into the high-learning-curve Long computer system, filling prescriptions, etc. I even got to mix up some of the liquid medications, which was fun. :D

Thursday: After lab, I came home, registered for classes (getting none of my first-choice sections!) at a Panera Bread while trying to eat dinner, and went to Phantom of the Opera. Which was amazing, as I expected it to be. It was just as wonderful as I remembered from when we went a couple of years back, and now the songs have been running through my head for DAYS. They simply will not go away. (To complicate matters, my family also watched the movie on Saturday night so that Dad could finally understand what was going on in the story, which only further cemented the songs in my brain. XD) However, we got home rather late, and I had school the next day.

Friday: I killed my arm doing six puppet shows in a row. I am also totally in debt to the AMCP folks for helping out and letting out committee people sit a few out to recover. I also missed class to do this, and had to listen to the lecture recordings later.

Saturday & Sunday: Rested during Sabbath, and tried madly to catch up with work during the rest of the time. I also worked from 10-4 at Longs on Sunday, which sucked up most of that day. It was also super slow though, so I had the opportunity to do some research online for school work.

Monday: FINALLY took a short breather and went with the family to see Iron Man. It's seriously one of the best movies I've ever seen. Tony Stark comes off as such a HUMAN character, and his sort-of-relationship/friendship with Pepper Potts is really touching - especially when she gives him the little gift! :) It totally blows the socks off of the X-Men movies. Now I can't wait for the sequel. Also, it had a preview for the new Indy movie, which just made me more and more excited for the time when I can squeeze it into my schedule!

So, the rest of the day has been spent studying.

I have also slept horribly this weekend for unexplained reasons. Blah.

Also, in a scary turn of events, I have started reading Star Wars novels - Heir to the Empire to be exact. This was very unexpected. @_@

Go read Kate Beaton's comics - they'll make you feel better. http://www.katebeaton.com or here on LJ at [livejournal.com profile] beatonna.
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So yesterday I participated (or rather, our committee participated) in a Health Fair. As we are the Drug Awareness Committee, we teach kids about drug safety - with cute animal puppets. :) I love puppets (and doing voices), but damn, my arm is killing me today. Puppeteering is tiring work; I have new respect for people who do it professionally.

I also finished watching the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 2002 series, and it did what I expected it to: make me want to watch the box set of the old series that I bought awhile ago. And buy action figures (but what doesn't make me want to buy toys these days?). I really like the redesigns for the characters - especially Teela and The Sorceress.

Really, I'm kind of surprised I never really watched any of the various series before now. Had I caught the original He-Man or She-Ra back when I was younger, they would have really captured my imagination. As it is, I'll probably always enjoy the newer series a little more, simply because of better animation and design (and possibly writing - I have to watch more of the old series still to determine that). I can't wait until the next set comes out in May!

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