Mar. 16th, 2009 07:42 pm
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March Moratorium is going rather well, all said and done. The first days were TOUGH, though. I almost felt like I was going through a little bit of withdrawals. I did allow myself a paperback at Barnes and Noble today as a "reward" for making it though half the month, however. :) Which I am aware defeats the whole purpose of going one month without spending, but I'd rather not be reminded

But temptatiooooon - eBay sent out 10% off coupons - good only tomorrow! I will have to internally debate using it. I still want that Bloom/Sky gift set.

And I found Barbiecollector.com. I want the new Star Trek dolls (and the Barbie/Ken collector set from a few years ago)! Also, I absolutely love the 1 Modern Circle line - the concept/story is really fun, and the dolls themselves are gorgeous!
It's weird, though. I never thought I'd really like a Barbie line, but I found several that I really love (like the Lord of the Rings ones).

Noooo. Go away temptations!
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Prince Adam. Thanks to eBay, he is now mine.

Oh, that's all I need - another toy line to start collecting! :)

But I have GOT to stay away from eBay now at least until next month. Far too much money has recently flown out of my bank account because of it.
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Ugh. Sniped at the last minute on Ebay yet again! I really wanted that Prince Adam figure too!

I don't know if it's because I'm trying to avoid studying for midterms, but I have been addicted to Ebay for the last several days. I'm spending FAR too much time there (though thankfully not money).

Current obsessions: Winx Italians, Dinotopia chapter books (I got sniped on a nice lot of those too!), He-Man 2002 figures (so expensive!), and Circle of Magic chapter books.

I don't know why, but lately I've been really loving chapter books. I think it's because they're not only fun, but eminently collectible as well. They bring out my "hunt and collect" instinct. XD

And I'm really loving the 2002 line of Masters of the Universe figures. This is what I get for watching the damn show - the need to now collect something else. I'm needing me some Prince Adam and Teela (Oh OTPs, how you rule my life). And the Sorceress, because her design is 200% awesome. But they go for surprising amounts of money!

Anyway, one Midterm down, two to go. Thankfully we have Thursday off as a study day!
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So I was just outbid on three things, all in the last five seconds. And those three items would have finished my Jedi Apprentice book collection too, which makes it worse. For a person like me who has to have the whole collection, it's very distressing to have it near completion and then suddenly snatched away from you (maybe like a marathon runner being tripped and twisting their ankle with the finish line in view).

Grr...sometimes I really hate that side of ebay - it always seems that if I'm not willing to put out exorbitant amount of money I won't win the auction. It's strange because I always see similar auctions that I don't bid on go for (sometimes) much less. I guess it's just the vagaries of the market?

Also, we have finals for our third semester starting tomorrow. @_@ I'm so tired of looking at my laptop I could just die. All I want to do is pass these four tests/classes and just go away for my three-week break. I feel as though I've never needed a break as much as I do now - there's just something about going to school all throughout the summer and realizing that most people your age are enjoying a carefree summer vacation. Thank goodness I'm going away for a few nights too, or else I'd scream.

But yeah, I'm a little miffed with Ebay at the moment.

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