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Whew, it's been quite some time since I've posted here.  Between getting back from Ireland, the Jewel Riders Archive celebrating its one-year anniversary, trying to keep up a somewhat-steady word count with the new novel, and trying to go through my collection and debox stuff and move DVDs into a trunk that holds 1000 in sleeves, I have literally had no time haha. Not to mention I'm starting the application process to try and find a new job, but eh.

Ireland was great, though.  Beautiful country, fabulous people, lots of beer and cider haha.  I'll try to get up a few pics when I finally get them all sorted.

On the flight back, though, I wrote up a short piece that I tried submitting to a small LGBT anthology, but it got turned down.  Oh well, I'll just leave it here until I can think of something to do with it.  Setting is ancient Ireland (Hibernia) around the time the great burial mounds of Knowth and Newgrange were built.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  :)

Read "Spirals In Stone" )

In other news, I finally read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and am firmly in the Scorbus camp ahaha.  I can't believe that the end craps all over it after pages and pages of romantic lines and subtext, but whatever.  That's what fanon is for.
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Woof, it's been awhile since I posted anything here!  I've actually made several posts over at [livejournal.com profile] jewel_power regarding some treasures that have come up on Ebay, so if you're interested in Jewel Riders be sure to check that out. :)

In other news, this past weekend was my ten-year high school reunion.  I batted back and forth mentally for a while whether or not I was going to go originally.  My class was forty-four people total, some of which I had been in school with since Kindergarten.  It was a small private school system.  Suffice to say, I was ready for some space and separation from the vast majority of those people by the end of high school.  I've stayed in fairly close contact with the people who I was true friends with, and that always felt like enough for me.

I didn't go to the five year reunion, because I honestly felt like I had nothing to show for myself yet (also, I was still in pharmacy school and had like zero time to spare).  But by now I (and most others in the class) have been working for a few years and I was interested to see where many of them had found themselves a decade on.  Sure, there's Facebook stalking to keep up with some people, but there's nothing quite like actually seeing them.  And even among my closest friends from HS, we hadn't all been together in person since one of our number got married five years ago!

Saturday morning started with a church service at the school (including a fun bit of singing with the Lodian Singers again!), followed by a lunch at my parents' house (close friends invited only), and then the main class reunion at a brew pub restaurant on Saturday night.  The morning event wasn't as well-attended, but it was nice (I hadn't been back to the school in quite some time either).  The lunch was super fun, and we were pretty much roaring with laughter all afternoon.  The evening event...I had some anxiety about.  I thought I had put those feelings behind me a long time ago, that I didn't care what these people thought of me, but the surprising truth was that I still did (at least for those few hours that we were together).  That was a slightly bitter pill to swallow.

Still, the evening went well, and as it progressed (despite the complete loudness of the restaurant and my hoarse voice from yelling to be heard over the din) I found that I've still made peace in that area.  I wanted them to have a good opinion of me, but it truly didn't matter if they actually did.  Which makes sense - why should people I haven't seen for almost a decade occupy any of my limited mental space?

Part of it just felt awkward, though.  With some, it was like no time had passed at all, but others I struggled to simply find anything to say after "Hi, how are you?"  If there was never a connection there before, I guess nothing's going to come out of two hours together again. XD  But seeing all those people together again was a strange experience.  Part of me went straight back to HS, but always with this cognitive dissonance there that some people now have kids or look way different.  Even now, I'm not sure I'm describing it well.  This feeling never happened when I've seen people individually or in small groups, but something about having the whole group together made it feel like some sort of strange field trip, only a decade transposed.

Sunday was a nice, relaxed day though!  A few friends and I went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which is kind of like "Marvel does Tom Clancy."  I loved the banter and sibling-like relationship between Cap and Black Widow.  It was adorable!  (I'm a sucker for friendship ships, what can I say?)

I'm also in the middle of rewatching X-men: The Animated Series from the 90s, which has been a total blast.  Expect thoughts on that soonish. :)
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Greetings all!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and accomplished everything they hoped to this year!  The tail-end of 2013 has felt ridiculous fast to me.  Perhaps because I spent November in a NaNo-induced haze and a late Thanksgiving shortened the Christmas season?  IDK, but I somehow feel flabbergasted that New Year's Eve is already here.

I guess the only place to start with a true review of 2013 would be to go back and review the goals and plans I made for the year at the end of 2012:

Cut for long ramblings! )

Whew!  That was super long!  Anyway, onto goals and generic year-long plans.

January: Finish posting Heart Stone, finish and post Queen Kale.  Start Paleo eating.
February-August:  Work through How to Think Sideways.  Self-publish a flash fiction collection.  Take a bloody vacation somewhere (Anime Expo?)
September-December: NaNoWriMo prep for original story.  Start revisions from first novel.  Self-publish second flash fiction collection or short story collection.

Big goals: Follow paleo eating plan for three months, then evaluate.  Shift original fiction writing into gear.  Spend way, way less money on toys.
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Eheheh....so it's been since something like March since I made a personal update here?  I intended to do a little update after Fanime back in May, and then again after my trip in July, but it just never happened.  So now I find myself here on the cusp of September, ready to look back on this summer.
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That pretty much brings everything up to speed.

In writing, I've started working through Holly Lisle's "How to Write Flash Fiction That Doesn't Suck" workshop, and it's really fun so far!  I've got my first five story beginnings down, and it feels so good to write my own fiction for literally the first time in years.  I'll post beta versions here when I'm done with those.

In reading, I just finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire reread - I've been meaning to reread the last four HP books since I reread the first three last year.  I forget just how good those books are sometimes.  I also picked up City of Bones on my Nook, but I don't have great hopes for it.  Oh, and Crown of Midnight just released!  Super excited to read that.  I picked up two new manga series at Japan Expo - Dawn of  the Arcana, and Bride of the Water God.  Dawn of the Arcana is good so far (if not totally engrossing, it's at least hooked me to get a second volume).

In watching, I've been on a super Star Trek DS9 binge.  Like, the final three seasons in a row.  Guh, I'm actually a little tired of Star Trek at the moment, but I'm veyr much looking forward to the last few episodes.  I also started watching "Free! Iwatobi Swim Club" at Japan Expo, and look forward to finishing the rest on Crunchyroll.

Anyway, I ought to update here more frequently!  Cheers all.
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Hey all, just wanted to let you know I'll be out of touch for a couple of weeks - going on a little trip to Fiji with my church group.  We're going to be doing some medical work/building work.  So keep us in you good thoughts! :)
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Feels like forever since I wrote a personal entry here.  Everything's been Dragon Flyz fic for the last few months!

Speaking of the fic, I'm currently working on the last chapter.  The fic as a whole just passed 65,000 words the other day, so I'm at least 15,000 over goal (which is fine, of course, just unexpected!)  I waver between being pleased with it and incredibly irritated with it.  The words definitely aren't flowing as well as before!  I'll probably tack on a nice little Epilogue at the end as well, just for fluff's sake.  I really want to finish it up by the end of the month, but it might run a few days over into April.

Speaking of April, I'm planning on starting my How to Think Sideways class as well.  I've been a member for ages, but was never able to set aside time to do the lessons properly, but as it was one of my New Year's goals, I'm definitely going to tackle it this year!  I'm borrowing my Dad's Nook reader, which means I get to use it to read lessons on.  Definitely nicer than trying to print out the 50ish page lessons!  The teacher/author is Holly Lisle, and we had a short exchange over email after she recognized my email address as a character from one of her books.  I was finally able to tell her how much her books have meant to me, which was really fulfilling after basically lurking around her website/blog for years.

I was able to see two shows recently that I've wanted to see for ages - the first was Beauty and the Beast Broadway, which came to Sacramento.  It was really enjoyable, but so many kids!  Kids literally being passed back and forth over the seats between family members and loudly wondering where Belle was every time she was offstage. XD  That's what I get for going to a matinee performance, though.  It was lovely to hear "Human Again" in its original incarnation, and "Be Our Guest" was a fantastic showstopper number!  The girl playing Belle really sounded like Paige O'Hara too, which was a major plus.

The other show was Jerry Seinfeld Live!  (In my po-dunk hometown no less!)  He has long been my favorite comedian (considering I basically grew up watching his show), and it was good to know that he is just as funny in real life.  It was basically an hour and a half of nonstop laughs, and by the end of the night I had cried from laughing so hard and my cheeks hurt from excessive smiling.  The person who got our tickets also somehow scored front row as well, so I could even see facial expressions!  I've never been in the front row for anything before, so that was a real treat.

Further off news: in late June/early July I'll be going on a mission trip with the church to Fiji.  This was originally going to be a family thing, but after my Mom broke her leg in early December last year, she bowed out from going.  So it's going to be Dad, my brother, and I, and possibly one of my old friends.  Along with about twenty or so other people from the church.  I'm looking forward to it, but also fairly apprehensive as well.

In books, I just finished the excellent Legend and Prodigy by Marie Lu.  Very well done post-apocalyptic YA stuff.  A little more grounded than Hunger Games as well, which I liked.  I also just started Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers; I'm about 150 pages in so far, and it's great!

In anime, I just finished Princess Tutu.  Yes, the name sounds ridiculous, but if you like fairy tales, storytelling, ballet, or classical music at all, I highly recommend it.  Oh my goodness does it employ its classical soundtrack to use well!  It basically put me back on a classical music kick.  It's very meta about fairy tales and stories as well, which I absolutely loved - it pulls from things like The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Hans Christen Andersen to build a beautiful and somewhat dark new fairy tale.  I mean, it's main character is a duck named Duck who transforms into a girl who transforms into Princess Tutu.  How can you not love it?

Anyway, hopefully the next time I post will be the end of my Dragon Flyz fic! Cheers!
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So apparently falling off the Earth and forgetting to update my LJ is becoming alarmingly common.  Well, I comment in the communities I watch, but somehow I never get around to updating this journal.  I definitely need to remedy that going forward.  These three month gaps between updates means I forget to write about lots of stuff.

So, I see my last entry was right before Anime Expo, so let's start there.  Can I just wallow in the feelings of joy I experienced going to a con for the first time since 2004?  I know I was apprehensive before going down - would I still feel the same happiness about the con experience, or would I just feel irritated and frustrated?  To my delight, it was definitely the former. 

Except for the driving part, which was way worse this year - the con used to be in Anaheim (Disneyland area), which was a wonderful convention center and super easy to get to.  By this point however, the con has outgrown that area and now resides in the LA Convention Center.  I am ultra afraid of driving in congested metropolitan areas like whoa, and this was no exception.  It didn't help that the GPS got us super lost (it was the first time that's ever happened, and I feel so betrayed! XD) and that traffic seemed to come to a grinding halt in pretty much any direction we went.  At least if I go back next year, I will have a much greater understanding of that area!

On a happier note, I want to say how much of an improvement the registration process has undergone since I last attended.  We were in line for maybe 45 minutes - a far cry from the untold hours in line spent in years previous. 

The selection of guests and panels was only just okay.  I feel like if you hadn't seen Fate/Zero or Madoka Magica there was like no reason to attend. XD  I'm glad I made it a point to at least watch Madoka before going.  The composer for both of those series - Yuki Kajiura - was in attendance this year again (she was also here in 2003), and her band Fiction Junction gave an AMAZING concert.  I was so, so glad that I got those tickets because it was the highlight of the con for me to see her again.

On a weird note, I also got to meet Peter S. Beagle in the dealer's room!  He was there promoting the graphic novel edition of the Last Unicrorn (which I of course got a signed copy of), and I had the opportunity to chat with him a little bit; let me just say that man is an exceptional gentleman, and being able to meet him was probably my greatest con surprise.  He was also interested in my "20% Cooler" Rainbow Dash shirt (which I was also complemented on by a 10 year old boy and got bro-hoofed in line for the concert. XD  I'm not really a brony, so I found this all very amusing).

So yeah, Anime Expo 2012 was a great experience.  It really felt nice to just be around an are filled with general weirdness, be able to nerd out with panels, buy fun stuff in the dealer's room, and forcibly remind myself that I am not the only person in real life who likes anime.  Sometimes I tend to forget that little nugget of wisdom.

After AX, I spent about a week hanging out with my parents and spending time at the ocean.  We returned at long last to Sea Ranch (which despite the name really has nothing to do with horses) - possibly the most relaxing place on Earth.  I dug into reading the awesome Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld, and we pretty much did nothing of import aside from walking down to the beach and looking at the adorable seal colony daily.

Other than the vacation, summer has been a little bit of a blur.  I've really tried to spend more time in the gym with my trainer.  I'm definitely feeling like I have a little more muscle definition, which is great, but since it's basically still covered with a layer of fat it's kind of a moot point?  IDK, I need to get my diet back under control.  After spending three months on the new Weight Watchers, I cancelled my subscription.  I never saw two consecutive weeks of weight loss, despite following the PointsPlus programs very closely.  So that was a bit defeating.  I'm debating getting out my old WW materials again.

Fall/Winter is looking rather busy.  For a self birthday gift, I got tickets to see Cirque du Soleil next week.  And then Sarah Brightman announced a new tour, which I can't miss.  Having been to her last two tours, I plan to keep going to every one I can.  I'm also thinking about getting Nutcracker tickets for Christmas.  It's been ages since I last went, and since I was able to secure a good amount of days off this Christmas (since I worked last year), it might be a nice outing.

Writing wise, a lot of it is still flailing about.  My end-of-year writing goal is to finish Queen Kale (a one-shot Jewel Riders fic I started at Sea Ranch) and add one more chapter on my old Tamara fic.  The Tamara fic unfortunately has like five or six more chapters to go.

And on a final note, on October 4th I celebrated two years at my current job.  It feels weird that I've been here for that long.  I'm torn about looking for another job, as I really like the people I work with, but want to be closer to my family.  But it's almost like the longer I stay the harder it will be to leave.

On a less introspective note: first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season today!  SO GOOD.
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So, I haven't updated here in awhile.  (Apparently not since my terrible car issues of a few months previous!)

Suffice to say, I became a good deal poorer after those cars repairs, and while the car is still running, I am in the process of researching different options for a new car possibly to be acquired later this year.  I'm leaning toward something hybrid (due to the frequent trips back and forth to visit the family), but whatever it is, the car will need to last about eight years with a minimum of issues.  Why eight years?  Because at that point, my school loans should finally be paid off.  Guh.  It feels like forever.

Anyway, as of this evening I am officially on vacation for two weeks.  And it feels pretty much necessary at this point.  I'm so tired right now (due to a host of issues at work) that I could pretty much sleep for a week.

But sleep is not on the menu.  Oh no.  Because at 2 AM tomorrow, I am getting up with my brother and driving to Los Angeles (yay six hour car rides!) for Anime Expo!  I can't believe it, but the last year I attended AX was in 2004, right after graduating high school.  It almost feels like a lifetime ago.  I'm very interested as to how I'll feel toward the fandom in general this time around (now officially with my Crotchety Old Fan Card!).  I mean, I still love me some animes, but like, the majority of fandom seems to now be ten years younger than me.  So that should be interesting.

Still, I've secured tickets for the Yuki Kajiura concert, so I am content.  I saw her concert last time I was at AX, and it was amazing.  But other than that, I'm going to see some friends while I'm down there as well, so that should be lots of fun as well.

Anyway, I'm off to get two-ish hours of sleep before rocketing off again.  See you all in a few days!  

(By the by, if anyone wants me to look for something for you in the dealer's room, let me know in the comments and I'd be happy to paw around!)
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Hard to believe it's been five weeks since I returned from England. I've definitely been having travel withdrawals ever since getting back. Maybe it was more just having to go back to work. Speaking of work, I had some pretty terrible shifts after getting back, including several night shifts and oodles of overtime. The pay was nice, but adding all those on top of jet lag was super tiring.

But England was great! Such an immense amount of history all around; it was awesome to think that these churches and castles had been around since medieval times. America is such a young county in comparison - we get excited if something is over 200 years old. XD I'd definitely love to get back to the UK as well. Scotland and Ireland have yet to be explored at all, and there was still so much to do in London alone.

Quickie recap of the major stops:

London: Very exciting, but SO BUSY. It was exhausting to schlep the luggage up and down all the stairs of the train and tube stations, though once we had dropped it off at the hotel, the Tube was absolutely great for getting around. We did the touristy things like Tower of London, the British Museum, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, etc. Oh, and had an absolutely wonderful afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason. But there is still so much we didn't even get to! I definitely want to return someday. Oh, we also took a day trip out to Dover Castle/White Cliffs of Dover and Canterbury Cathedral, which was nice. I think it was actually the only castle we visited. :(

Bath: Super charming little Georgian town. We visited the ruins of the Roman Bath, ate some delicious food at Patisserie Valerie, and took a one-day bus trip out to Stonehenge. Oh, and this was the town where my brother and I had our room randomly upgraded to the Suite. XD

Wales: I don't think we would have normally gone out to Wales, except that my parents have a friend who lives there. So they got to stay at his house, while bro and I stayed in by far the worst hotel of the trip. (Ultra weird and spartan furnishings. Like where people probably film low-budget porn.) But it was great having our friend drive us all over and show us around! Beautiful, lush Welsh countryside and seaside.

Stratford-on-Avon: Shakespeare's birthplace, and final resting place. This town's entire tourism industry is apparently built around Shakespeare, because his face is EVERYWHERE. Still, it was interesting to see the houses owned by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (especially Anne Hathaway's cottage and the Birthplace). The church where Shakespeare and his family is buried was neat as well. But the absolute best part of this stop was seeing the Royal Shakespeare Company's performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Oh, and a humorous aside: our hotel was named the Moonraker...and there was a giant picture of Sean Connery on the wall. Oh, and Stratford was super windy.

York: While I enjoyed York, by this point on the trip I was pretty much ready to go home. But York is a fantastic medieval walled city, and the York Minster is such a beautiful church. We stayed for the Evensong service, and it has such gorgeous choral music!

Getting Around: We took the trains in-between towns, and except for London where we had the tube, it was pretty much walking. We did grab taxis a couple of times (like getting to and from the theater in Stratford). Nice taxis that can easily accommodate four people. The trains weren't nearly as relaxing as I thought they'd be; between never having enough room for your luggage on the racks and constantly being thrown out of our seats due to reservations, it got old. Our last trip we made reservations and got a table seat...and I have to admit it felt good to throw the people out who rushed to get it ahead of us. :)

The Food: While England is not really known for having amazing food or anything, they certainly know how to make mouthwatering baked goods. Scones with clotted cream and jam are pretty much pure awesome. And the pub food was really pretty tasty! Steak and Ale pie and Yorkshire pudding with roast beef were both excellent. With beverages, however, there are no free refills, and we never seemed to be able to get enough water at our table. But there was excellent tea in pretty much every restaurant (though good coffee was kind of hard to come by). Most hotels served full sit-down breakfast, which was really nice.

So anyway, it was a great trip, and I pretty much wanted to go back as soon as we got home. Nice people, great history, fantastic architecture! Heh, and it was super depressing to go back to work. But I have my birthday to look forward to in a few days!
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But a week from today I'll be in London! I've been looking forward to this trip for so long that it's hard to fathom that it's almost upon me. Definitely can't wait for that whole "paid vacation" thing either.

I hope to slip into a toy store while I'm there and see if I can't find any Winx stuff, or perhaps a Monster High Abbey.

But other than this vacation, the rest of the year seems kind of fuzzy. My birthday rolls around about a month after we get back from England, and I have no idea what to do. Maybe I'll just get a couple of splurge purchases (I have been eyeing a couple of Pullips again!). Or I've had my eye on a Jazz Restaurant in SF. And then come the holidays, which I'm not sure whether or not I'll have to be working.

In watching, I recently finished a complete rewatch of the 1990s classic "Spider-Man: The Animated Series." While I usually preferred Batman and the X-Men as a child, it was incredibly nostalgic to view these episodes that I haven't seen for years. The wonderful amount of continuity was surprising as well. I mean, I remembered that the Spider-Man series always had story arcs, but the amount of supporting characters who come back and storylines from early on that spill over into the later episodes was so refreshing for a 90s cartoon series. I also especially enjoyed the voice acting; they really got some great VAs like Malcolm McDowell and Nichelle Nichols. Not to mention J. Jonah Jameson is voiced by Ed Asner! The huge amount of guest stars (everyone from Dr. Strange to Daredevil to the X-Men and Fantastic Four show up at one point or another) was also great fun. But probably my favorite part is the Black Cat. Spider-Man is usually a solo hero, but this Black Cat really makes me wish there were more episodes with her.

Other Spider-Man series such as Spectacular Spider-Man a few years back were great, but this series IS Spider-Man to me. I'm watching "Spider-Man: Unlimited" right now, which is pretty much terrible compared to the great animated series. Ah well, not everything from the 90s can be seen through my nostalgia glasses.
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So before January 2011 is over, I thought it might actually be nice to take a look back at 2010. XD Yes, yes, I know I am very behind on the whole "recap 2010" post, but I thought the last year just brought so many changes that I couldn't go without being revisited a little.

When I think back to January, I was just starting the second half of my clinical rotations to finish up school. It almost feels like another life by this point. My first rotation of that semester was Internal Medicine. I often felt it was an exercise in speed - how much information could I gather and tie together about the patients before having to present in the afternoon? I learned a great deal during those six weeks. It was also my first rotation where there was another student from school with me, and having someone to gripe with was a huge comfort.

The second six-week period saw me going to a community pharmacy attached to the hospital. This was probably my second-favorite rotation (after the Psych rotation I took in 2009). If all community pharmacy work was as rewarding and fulfilling as the time I spent there, the choice between hospital and community would have been much harder. But I also discovered just how tired standing for 8-10 hours a day can be.

For my final rotation, I returned to the hospital where I had done Internal Medicine. However, this time around, it was definitely not a good learning experience. Aside from just wanting to be done with rotations at that point, I found the work to be of little value to my learning. The preceptor was a strange, strange lady who issued the vaguest instructions I've ever heard. Then she had the nerve to call me "needy" during my final evaluation because I asked for further clarification. Is wanting to do something right the first time wrong? NO. Haha...looks like I still have issues regarding that final rotation! Again, I had a student with me who had been with this preceptor before, and she thankfully helped to clarify things for me a great deal. Anyway, I'm seriously glad I didn't get a residency at this facility, because this preceptor was also the residency program director. I'm not sure I could have handled a year of vague instructions and general weirdness.
But in all fairness...this was the rotation where I got to watch open-heart surgery, which was totally rad.

I should also note that all three of my second semester rotations were at a hospital that had off-site parking and a shuttle service - something my fellow students and I absolutely loathed by the end. I can't tell you how many times I had to stand in the cold rain because the shuttle would be driving away as I came out of the parking structure.

After finishing up rotations came review week at school - basically one last chance to sit in our lecture halls again and listen to speakers while everyone chatted and surfed the internet. XD

Of course, after that came Graduation on May 15th, 2010. I officially got my doctorate and finished school. Still, even now - eight months later - it feel weird writing that. School has been my life for...well...my life. Coming out of something so structured into the rather nebulous "real life" has been strange. I miss the comforting solidity and framework of working toward something greater with a purpose. After getting a job (even one that I enjoy) I'm kind of wondering...what next?

So summer was spent studying for my boards from the time I finished graduated until around mid July. I even snuck in a nice vacation to Seattle and the islands in there (visiting the cousin and relaxing with the family). But those interminable days days studying really felt endless. To help keep me sane, I would reward every two hours of studying with an episode of She-Ra (which I completed over the summer), Fantastic Four World's Greatest Heroes, Iron Man Armored Adventures, or Star Trek DS9. It felt like a weird combination of long past summer vacations and taking self-study summer school. XD

Thankfully, I passed both tests on the first go. I've been debating taking the tests to be able to practice in another state, which if I decide to go forward with should be something I undertake sooner rather than later. The further I go on, the harder it will be to force myself back into reviewing the material and going through the rigmarole of taking another test/forms/fees/etc.

Summer also saw an explosion in my toy collecting hobby. Something I attribute to lots of time at home to hunt stores, eBay, and read internet reviews. Also may have had something to do with getting money for graduation. :D Likely pent-up retail therapy after having no income since February after leaving CVS.

I got my license on August 5th, 2010. At that point, I gave myself until the end of August to look exclusively for hospital jobs. After thirty-odd applications, by the end of the month I had an interview set up for a not-quite-hospital job (the only non-hospital job I applied for). After that interview, I had set another one up with a hospital (the place I work now). But in the meantime, pharmacy 1 offered me a job (part-time for up to six months, then full time). I asked for an extension to think it over and was up front that I had the second interview. After being offered the job where I am now, I accepted and had to call back pharmacy 1 to decline their offer. That was an incredible weird experience. I've always had to fight for part-time jobs...so having to turn someone down was something I'd never done before.

The time between taking the job offer (early September) and starting the job (October 4th) was another strange period. During that month I looked for apartments (and finally found a decent townhouse!), hunted for furniture, signed tons of papers, packed up my toys/books/life, and watched some more shows. It was a frenetic month to try and get everything ready for the move, and yet I didn't really feel all that stressed. Maybe because I knew I had at least gotten a job, I was able to savor a few of my final days of freedom.

Anyway, work is where I've been ever since October. I still visit home at least once a month (heh...if not more often!). It's hard to leave a place you've lived since second grade, after all.

So I hope that 2011 brings good things. I have plans to do some writing (namely, finish my Jewel Riders fic, writing an original novella, and hopefully doing some Dragon Flyz writing). I also want to really take the time now to develop healthy eating habits and lose some weight. Since I make most all of my food, it should be easier to implement healthier choices more often. And of course, 2011 will see me continue the growth of my toy collection! :D
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Ever since I've been done with school and studying for my boards, I've been buying toys and dolls like crazy. I don't know if it's three years of pent up stress or what, but I've been doing serious retail therapy lately.

The hoard...it GROWS )

I'm leaving at 6 am tomorrow morning for Seattle and the San Juan Islands for about a week. It's seriously been three years since I had a real vacation. Note: I consider a real vacation to be longer than a week.

Also, I was supposed to take the first part of my board examinations today, but ended up paying a fee to postpone it. I'm pretty sure I wasn't ready to take it, and really didn't want to have to wait the three month penalty period if I didn't pass.

Anyway, I will see you all in a week!
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They got hit by cosmic rays!

Yes, in case you already guessed it, I just saw the new Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer a few days ago. And yes, it was totally awesome.

The actors were more comfortable in their roles (well, Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic anyway...Ben and Johnny were dead-on in the first film...^_^). And of course, the Surfer was great - everything he's supposed to be. The special effects are amazing...and if you've ever seen Galactus from the comics, then look for the fun little easter eggs sprinkled throughout the film. (And of course my inner nerd had a little joygasm when the Fantasticar separated...XD) There are a few problems I had with it (notably Doom), but nothing to detract too much from the film's enjoyment. So do yourself a favor (especially if you like comic-book-based movies, and go see FF: Rise of the Silver Surfer!

Recently, I've started back up with Piano Lessons. Yes, I haven't touched the instrument in what...eleven years? But ever since I've been unable to play my clarinet (due to not being in a band anymore) I realize just how severely I've missed music; it was almost as if a part of me had died. Now I must carefully tend that part again, making sure that it takes root and grows for the rest of my life. What's funny is that I think I owe the kick in my pants to the anime Nodame Cantabile. There were times I missed music so much during these last three years of college that it almost physically hurt - I know that might sound a bit over-the-top, but music had been such a big part of my life from Kindergarten through 12th grade that it almost felt like losing a cherished friend. I vow that I will never again let science classes and work crush out my creative spirit. Now I must work on regrowing writing and art...-_-

I'm very excited because today we're leaving for Yosemite Valley and staying until the end of the week. We go almost every year, but it's just as awe-inspiring every time. Hopefully when I get back I'll have some picture to share!

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