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Haha, I’m only 10 days late, right?

No, but seriously, November was as enriching a month as I’ve had in, well, probably a year (since last year’s NaNo). I wrote, I laughed, I met some amazing writers in my area, and I had a ton of fun.

But I didn’t hit 50K this year.

My valiant effort netted me 30K (And bonus! Several novel ideas found space to germinate!), but I think I vastly underestimated the difficulty of starting and stopping a hundred times by doing Flash Fiction. Of the seven categories I wanted to attempt, I only hit 3.5 of them. Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, and Fantasy all got 14-15 prompts done, and Superhero got about 4. I never touched Arthurian, Retro Futurism, or Steampunk.

So I’m going to chalk the writing part up to good experience. Crafting good Flash Fiction is hard, and doing that many was probably not a realistic goal for one month. If I committed to flash fiction again during November, it would be with an understanding that I probably wouldn’t shoot for 50K. I missed the feeling of being able to sink into the words and let them flow over you. By the time I could hit a writing sweet spot and get into my groove…the prompt was over!

Also, it didn’t help that I got a light bout of food poisoning mid-month! It kind of was the prompt for me to allow myself to let my issues with my format take precedence. And since I didn’t feel good, I went on a Glee-watching binge on Netflix (super fun show, btw!)

But November certainly wasn’t a total loss! As Municipal Liaison for my region, I had an absolutely awesome time organizing Write-Ins. In total, I put together nine events including the Kick-Off and TGIO (Thank Goodness It’s Over!) events.

One of the best things to spin out of last month, however, was that several of my writers have taken it upon themselves to found a twice-monthly critique group called Mark My Words! One of my biggest lamentations after each November (aside from the fact that I’m suuuper drained all December!), is that I have all this built up creative energy, but nowhere for it to live once NaNo is done. I’m hopeful that this group of talented writers (some of them are even published!) can help me hone my craft and get things ready for publication.

I’m still hopeful I can craft five to seven good superhero Flash fictions to put up on Amazon later this month or early January! Wish me luck!
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Gah, I haven't posted anything here since January 1st!  One of my yearly goals was to blog at least twice a month, and so far I'm doing kind of miserably at it. Heh.

January passed by in a super blur, but one highlight was going down to Southern California for my brother's birthday.  I got us tickets to see Wicked with some friends (first time for him, third time for me...XD).  The show was a Sunday evening, and I flew down the Thursday night before.  I had plans to get together with an old friend on Friday and take my brother to Disneyland on Saturday.  Well, you know what they say about the best-laid plans...after my plane landed Thursday night, I promptly got stomach flu. >_<  It was horrible, and I was up most of the night.  Thankfully, everything seemed to calm down by Friday night, so we made the decision around noon on Saturday to attempt Disneyland.  It was so crowded...and raining.  Raindrops became daggers to poke you in the eyes on outside rides.  Still, it was good to get out of the apartment and away from my illness for a few hours.  Wicked on Sunday was great; I think it was the same cast who I saw last May when they came through Sacramento.

After seeing that Netflix was possibly taking down My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I burned through Season Four (and then ended up rewatching a bunch of other random episodes!).  S4 reminded me why I love that series.  Great character moments, more nods to bits of continuity, and the most kickass fight EVER in MLP anything.  I was worried a bit when Twilight became a princess at the end of S3, but the writers really handled how her character would deal with a life-changing event like that perfectly.  Also, I listened to the "Filli Vanilli" song for like a week straight.  Sooo good.  (Actually, the series has always had really strong music.)  I need to get my comics out and catch up with what's happening there now.

Writing-wise, I've been slowly poking away at Theodore and Tippetarius in Oz, my genderbent Wizard of Oz retelling.  While I'm enjoying it immensely, I'm still unsure of what to do with the final product.  It will need serious editing, and possible rewriting (with more of a plan and world guidelines/timeline in firm place) if I ever plan on publishing it.  I do want to eventually share it.  I may start by posting it online somewhere just to get feedback.

Speaking of writing, this is the year I want to launch my official author website and start publishing some flash fiction collections and short stories.  I've set a personal goal to put the first collection out by end of March/April.  However, I'm being hampered by not having settled on a pen name yet.  I've thought long and hard about whether or not to have a pen name, and eventually I decided that having a professional license attached to my real name was just too great a risk for using it on my books.  i've narrowed the surname field down to two or three possible finalists.  Maybe I can post a poll to see everyone's opinion?
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Only one more year now until the big three zero next October. I will be expecting my fandom grandpa card to come in the mail about that point.

I spent my birthday at work this year, unfortunately (Plus overtime, argh!) Which is pretty much as lame as it sounds. My coworkers were nice and brought in some pies for my birthday though, which was really nice. Still, it's the first time in a few years that I didn't take my birthday off and go visit my brother or parents. While nothing could compare to seeing Sarah Brightman in concert like last year, it would have been nice to at least get out of town for a few days. As it was my parents and I kind of celebrated a few weeks ago when I was visiting them.

And they got me a Kindle Paperwhite! I definitely need to start utilizing it, because damn if I am not drowning in a sea of paperbacks. Every time I visit a Friends of the Library store, it is pretty much guaranteed I was walk about with $5-10 worth of books, which at the crazy-low prices stores like that sell for, is like five to eight books. So hopefully going forward, new stuff will be on the Paperwhite, while select series will get the hardcover treatment. I feel like I'm kind of over the mass market paperback. The type is too small (fandom grandpa card!), and they just don't hold up that well. It's actually kind of sad, because they used to be my preferred format due to the price, but Ebooks are generally cheaper anyway. My brother also sent along the third Ranma 1/2 Blu-Ray set! Those are really, really gorgeous sets. Viz did a fantastic job on the packaging for them.

Another November of NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow! I'm hoping to attend the kick-off party this year as well, because I totally enjoyed the write-ins last year. They were a great motivator to keep me on track. This year, I'm planning on taking my Genderbent Oz idea through the hellish November ritual. We'll see if I can win again this year!

I've been on a huge Transformers kick lately. It all started with finally finishing Transformers: Prime, the CG show that came out a few years ago now. The best way I can describe it is: this is what you thought you were watching as a kid when the 80s show came on. Great plotting, great characters (and a thankfully smaller and more varied cast that is differentiated enough to keep easy track of!), great production values! Afterward, I watched Season One of the 80s show on Netflix...and kind of had to stop there. It's like, all the cool ingredients are there, but they never really come together well. Without good character writing to drive the story...it's actually a little bit boring? All these transforming robots have made me want to go back and check out the mid-2000s "Unicron Trilogy" of shows, though, which were adapted anime series. And of course my beloved Beast Wars. :D

I've also been checking out some great anime lately through Crunchyroll.
--Chihayafuru was definitely a best-of-decade level title. I haven't enjoyed a series so much in a long, long time. Yes, it's ostensibly about an obscure Japanese poetry card game, but actually it's about the characters and their wonderful interactions. This series made me feel bubbly and effervescent every time I tuned in.
--Love Live! School Idol Project was a great deal of fun too, witch catchy choreographed musical numbers and fun characters that really wormed their way into your heart. The first season concerns a group of girls who become 'school idols' (singers) in order to bring prestige to their school and save it from closure. The second season follows them as they attempt to win an idol contest called (what else) "Love Live."
--Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun is a hilarious high school comedy (no really, it actually is funny unlike so many other 'comedy' anime) about a girl who discovers the boy she's crushing on is actually the author of a well-regarded shoujo manga. When she tries to confess, it comes out like she's asking for an autograph, and then she somehow ends up as his assistant. This show lives and dies by its comedy, and let me tell you it is gold. The facial expressions and general wackiness remind me of Ranma 1/2 or Ouran High School Host Club, two of my favorite anime comedies.
--Then there's Glasslip. Oh my goodness was this boring and obtuse. The only good this was the background art. This series was my biggest disappointment in aaages. Being from the people behind Tari Tari, I thought I would enjoy it...but ugggh. All I could think of during this series was Scuttle (from the Little Mermaid) saying "Nothing is HAAAAAAAAPENING." Stay away, friends.

Anyway, that's all for now. Better go to bed and get some sleep before blasting off with NaNo tomorrow!
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*throws confetti*

I made the 50,000 word goal this year!  Gah, I wish I had remembered to update here right away, but the last couple of weeks have been a bit of a blur for me.  NaNo was a great experience this year - I made it to several write-ins, and was able to connect with some really nice writers in my area.  I even formally registered and everything on the NaNo board.

Unfortunately, Heart Stone still isn't finished.  Even after 50K additional words, I have the remaining portion of the final chapter, and an epilogue to be written.  I'm hoping to update FF.net soon with the rest of the story.  The part written during NaNo will need some serious editing, but my tentative goal is to get the rest of the story up before the end of the year.  I want to get back to an original project I left off at the end of October, but to do that Heart Stone has to be finished.

Also, I have been binge-buying movies and books online ever since Black Friday.  Seriously, someone send an intervention.  I'm going to have to put myself on a buying moratorium again come January, I think.

I've seen some great movies since last update: Ender's Game, Thor: The Dark World, Catching Fire, and Frozen (twice!).  Frozen is definitely shaping up to be my favorite movie of the year, unless it gets toppled by Hobbit Pt. 2.  Frozen is definitely my favorite animated outing since Tangled (though I enjoyed Wreck-It-Ralph).  Gah, I want to see it again!

Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] wickedbish's recommendation, I finally read Robin McKinley's Beauty.  In like two days.  It totally sucked me in, and I didn't do too much the last couple of days as I devoured that book.  Definitely recommended for anyone who loves fairy tale retellings!  (I'm apparently kind of on a fairy tale kick after Frozen?  I also deboxed my Ever After High dolls, which are all kinds of awesome.)


Nov. 13th, 2013 12:08 am
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So today I passed the 50,000 word mark on a story I have been writing for five years.  FIVE YEARS.

I decided to finish my Jewel Riders fic Heart Stone: A Tale of Tamara for NaNoWriMo this year (word count for the month as of today: 19,720).  Now, I have hit the 50,000 word mark before with another fic project (last year's NaNo project), but those Dragon Flyz fics were interconnected shorts rather than a single narrative.

Am I happy with everything written thus far?  Of course not.  But I've wanted to see this project through to completion for years now.  Kind of my little contribution to the Jewel Riders fannish community (small as it is!) on the web.  Unfortunately though, I think I've also been using this story as a mental crutch to prevent myself from starting anything really original.  (Sort of like a "See, you can't even finish that darn fic!  How could you see an original novel to completion?")  So NaNo provided a wonderful way to both look back and hopefully move forward with my writing at the same time.

The fic is ballooning to fill the provided time and space, but I really would like to have it completed by the end of NaNo (and not have it eat up half a year like all my Dragon Flyz fic!).  Then, I can clean it up and post the rest.   It's certainly not perfect, but I'm proud of it nonetheless. 
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Epilogue Time guys!  This officially pushed everything over 80,000 words now. :D
I'm definitely taking a break from fic at this point.  I'll probably start cleaning this up and posting it all to FF.net or AO3 sometime this weekend, but for all intents and purposes this pretty much wraps up my DF fic universe.
Actually, I'd like to do some original stuff now or wrap up a few Jewel Riders related stuff.

Epilogue (Babies Ever After) )
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It's DONE.  *throws confetti everywhere*  The entire thing ends up clocking in around 78,000 words.  The final prompt alone is a little over 18,000 words.  Eheh...I got a little carried away. XD

Prompt 30: Oasis, Pt. 3 )

Thanks so much for reading!  Now to finish the little epilogue!
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The main story is pretty much done, though I will be posting it in several parts due to LJ's size restrictions.  Now to start a short epilogue, though!

Prompt 30: Oasis (Pt 2) )
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Ehehe...I'm still not done with this blasted story.  Getting there, hopefully by the end of April!

It's definitely going to be over 10,000 words by the time I'm done, and since I know LJ won't take that big of a block of text, here's part one.  As usual, little to no editing has been done (I'm too tired right now, really).  It's jumping all over the place; I feel like an ADHD goldfish trying to keep track of everything.  If you see weird continuity errors, please feel free to point them out!

Prompt 30: Oasis, Pt. 1 )
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The penultimate chapter!   I can't believe it that with this chapter, the word count just went over 60,000.  This is now officially twice as long as the longest thing I had previous written.  I'm not sure one chapter is going to be enough to end it all, though!  I'm definitely thinking of tacking on a nice little epilogue to go along with it. :)

Prompt 29: Survivors )
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Barf, this took forever.  I'm not totally satisfied with it, and I think I jumped heads a few too many times, but dang is it hard to write a television style battle from one person's perspective!  This one really got away from me in length as well.  I've been thinking I'd finish it over the last three days, only for the story to just keep adding to itself. XD  But we're nearing the end, folks!  Only two more to go!

Prompt 28: Crusade )
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As usual this took longer than expected, and ballooned past the 1667 word count. XD  Though I have to let out my excitement that this post officially took my Dragon Flyz fic past 50,000 words!  We're in novel-length territory for the first time, folks!  ^__^

A quick note:  Holly belongs t [livejournal.com profile] lovelykitta and Ilona belongs to [livejournal.com profile] strongheartmaid.  Go read their stuff, folks!  Seriously.

Day 27: Terra Firma )
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So here's the beginning of Homeland, the five-part finale to this series of stories.  This picks up pretty much directly from where Search left off.  I'm hoping to wrap a lot of stuff up in the next few chapters.  Then comes the unenviable editing process. XD

Homeland Part One: Reunion )
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Like whoa, I finally finished the numbered prompts from the table I started during NaNo!  Total word count is now over 45,000!  Search moves the story along a little further, building on things that have come before.  I am now beyond excited to start on Homeland, the conclusion to this little series.

The usual warnings apply - this has not gone through any editing aside from spellcheck.

Prompt 25: Search )
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Sooo...I'm still continuing with my Dragon Flyz NaNo stuff.  My goal is to finish it all by the end of January, so hopefully that will happen. (Then I can really and truly catch up on all of awesome stuff that you guys are doing in the comm!)

Prompt 24: Taxi )
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Well, I had so much fun with NaNo earlier this year, I decided to end the year with a mini-version as well. :)  So for the next five days (December 28th through January 1st) I have decided to write 1,000 words per day to ring in the New Year. 

It is my greatest hope that 2013 is (to steal a phrase from NaNo) - "My Year of Writing Dangerously."

And of course I have a loose plan (quickly to be discarded, I'm sure, but I feel better with a plan than without!)

January-March: Finish up hanging fic projects - Dragon Flyz NaNo stuff, Heart Stone: A Tame of Tamara, and my one-shot Queen Kale fic.
April-September: Work my way through Holly Lisle's "How to Think Sideways."  I bought the course earlier this year, but obviously didn't get through it.
October: Finish up any HTTS stuff and NaNoWriMo prep.  I'm not sure if this will be original fic or another fanfic attempt.
November: NaNo!  With actual registration and a burning passion to make it to the 50,000 word mark.
December: Die of exhaustion?  I really have no idea here.

So there's the rough plan.  I have no idea how I'll get to all of this in addition to work, reading, and all my other hobbies.  But as I read today on Pub(lishing) Crawl, talking about writing is not actually writing.  I've talked about it for so long, I feel it's time to actually put things in motion.

Anyone up for a crapload of beta reading?
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Somehow these three kind of ended up involving the big three from Warnado.  Well, Aloof not so much, but Nocturna still plays a decent sized role in it.  Nora continues to be a pleasure to write.   Dread Wing and Gangryn didn't give up their secrets to me very easily; especially Dread Wing.  He's so...theatrical in the show.  It works well for a cartoon, but is kind of hard to translate to written word!  I had a difficulty actually constructing any sort of plot for a Gangryn-centric story.  As it is, it ends up being more of an interlude/setting the stage for later things than a proper bit.

21: Aloof )

22: Blood )

23: Tower Block )
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Yeah...all of these pretty much tie into previous stories.  Expect it at this point.  Beach is...not my favorite.  Everything felt weird and off to me about it - I have a very hard time balancing large group stories.  Lost was way fun (and almost a direct continuation of Weapon).  Cry made me wonder if the only way I feel I can get these characters to sqend quality time together is by giving them massive injuries. XD

18: Beach )
19: Lost )
20: Cry )
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Storm and Strawberries are interconnected, with Beach loosely connected.  Strawberries might be one of my favorite pieces from the whole of the prompts!  Weapon is another that I really enjoyed (Heh, Cifex strikes again!)

15: Storm )
16: Strawberries )
17: Weapon )
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Test and Tease are two parts of the same story.

13: Test )

14: Tease )

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