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Apr. 24th, 2014 12:23 am
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Catching up with the first eight episodes of season six, I've fallen in love with Winx Club all over again.  It's funny, I'll go through these periods where I don't think about the series at all and feel like it doesn't mean much to me anymore, but then I'll watch a few new episodes and everything "Blooms" Haha, I went there back to life again.
Season Six spoilers below, obviously. )
I'm so curious where things will go from here.  Here's hoping Nick gets their act together and airs the rest of S6 soon.

Also, are we getting any Jakks dolls in the US for S6?  If not, I'm going to go bankrupt importing the Italian Bloomix designs.

And also, I may have just bought a few more of the old Giochi dolls.  I found a seller in the US who had several of them for a really good price and just couldn't stop myself. XD
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I fully intended to do a whole picture-heavy post for this, but kind of ran out of steam.  Let's just sum it up this way: OVERWHELMING.  Between Monster High, Ever After High, Winx Club, Masters of the Universe Classics, Integrity Jem & the Holograms, random Disney Store purchases, some Pullips, and lots of Vocaloid Figmas....I need a break from toys for awhile.

I have so much stuff still in boxes that needs to be dealt with.  (You know, when I feel I have to "deal with" toys, I think there's a significant problem going on here.)  But seriously, things that remain in the boxes take up so much more space that I'm almost entirely out of room.  Sure, there are some things - like stuff Integrity produces - where I'll always keep the boxes, but lots of other stuff needs to be deboxed like whoa.  I should take a few of my next days off and just have a deboxing/photo party.

But taking a line-by-line look at things.

Ever After High: This is probably currently my favorite line out of everything.  The dolls are full of great details, and I love the universe and characters of this franchise.  I am reminded of how I felt when Monster High was a new thing, and it feels nice.  But I go into EAH with more of a game plan.  Only new characters and a maximum of one other version (right now that's Legacy Day because THEY'RE  AWESOME).

Monster High:  I feel that with Ever After High coming along, my interest in Monster High is starting to wane a bit.  The line has been going for 3.5 years now, and while I wouldn't say they're running out of steam by any means (some of the most recent lines like New Scaremester have been some of the best!), my ability to keep up is just not there anymore.  I still have so many of them in the boxes going all the way back to the Wave 2 (aka "School's Out!" line).  I'm entertaining the idea of culling the herd at this point and only keeping 1-2 versions of each character (sans the boys, of course - I'll pick up every release of them).  I just need to corral this into something a bit more manageable.

Winx Club:  Added lots here this year, with the Harmonix, Sirenix, and Dark Sirenix Trix lines!  Jakks makes nice dolls for Winx, but I really with they had better character selection and could still be found outside of Toys R Us.  These were a pain in the ass to find for me.  I'm not sure what the future is for Jakks-produced Winx, but it doesn't look too good.  Still, if they go I'll be sad to say goodbye to Winx again.

Masters of the Universe Classics:  Against my better judgement, I signed up for the 2014 subscription.  I did the quarterly shipping option this time, however, in hopes that I can deal with the packages better four times a year instead of twelve.  I really want my complete She-Ra line, though, and that's really why I signed up.  They continue to be awesome figures pretty much all around as well.  The crown jewel of the year was Castle Grayskull, though.  That thing is huge and I have no idea what to do with it.  XD

Integrity Jem & the Holograms:  This is a gorgeous line.  All the attention to detail is amazing.  Integrity's prices blow, however.  Glitter & Gold are the only character duplicates I have, and I'm probably going to try and keep it that way.  All of these are still boxed too, which makes me sad.  They definitely deserve display space.

Japanese toys: This was the year I started getting into Figmas and Nendoroids.  They're really adorable and poseable.  They different faces and looks add a lot of personality as well.  For the moment I mostly just have Vocaloid characters, though I plan on adding the Sailor Scout figures as they come out.
I picked up a couple Play Arts Kai Street Fighter figures as well.  They have great sculpts, but the joints are a bit wonky.
I also added several new Pullips/Taeyangs this year as well: Batman, Catwoman, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Captain Hook, Tinker Bell, and Peter Pan!

Disney: I caved to several of the Fairytale Designer Collection sets.  I got  Snow White/Prince, Rapunzel/Flynn, and Aladdin/Jasmine.  I wanted the others, but they got snatched up crazy fast.  I also picked up the set of four Frozen dolls, and they're tons of fun (especially next to the cheap Mattel versions).  Hans jacket is actual corduroy!

Barbie: Not much in 2013.  A few of the Life in the Dreamhouse dolls (Ken, Midge, and Raquel), a few of the Fashionista guys, and some collector dolls (Hunger Games: Catching Fire, a few Twilight dolls, and Batman '66)

Anyway, I picked up other tidbits throughout the year, but just looking at the list above makes me a little sick.  It was way too much.  January has brought several more purchases, but I definitely need to step back and take a good long look at what I have/catalog it.  I'm pretty much out of space for display and enjoyment now...and without that why continue buying?
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I haven't rambled about my collection in quite awhile, so I thought I'd detail a few bits here.

First off, I have finally taken the plunge and picked up some glass shelving units! It all started when my brother gave me an awesome display case for Christmas. I pretty much immediately earmarked it for my Masters of the Universe Classics collection, as the shelves are only around 12 inches tall. Perfect for action figures, but most doll lines (including Monster High boys) would have trouble fitting. Unfortunately, the shelf is still at my parent's house because it was too large to fit in my car (aside from the fact that I'd have a hell of a time moving a glass shelf by myself - can anyone say shattered glass mess?) But after that, Mom, Dad, and I made a little trip to IKEA, where I finally had the chance to see a display case that they sell in person. At only $65 a piece, I picked up two of those. They have at least 16 inch high shelves, which will even fit a Gene or Tonner sized doll! All three shelves should be arriving the last weekend of February when my family plans to come up and visit.

I'm not sure what to use the two IKEA shelves for yet. I'm thinking about one for my Winx collection (finally an excuse to debox my Simba Winx!) The other will probably go two Monster High, at least in part. I have a ton of MH stuff still in the box simply due to no display space. However, I'd still like somewhere to display my Jewel Riders and/or Dragon Flyz. Maybe I should have bought a third IKEA case. XD Well, once I get everything situated, I'll be sure to snap a few pics.

In terms of overall collecting trends, things are looking pretty much the same

Action Figure wise, I subscribed to Club Eternia, so it's monthly MOTUC for me, yay! The only problem there is that it's becoming a space issue, and I haven't even deboxed everything yet. Other lines include Young Justice (I WILL get everything to build that Collect and Connect Hall of Justice. It's going to be awesome), adding Justice Leaguers off of Ebay here and there, and continuing the new Thundercats 2011 line. I saw they released a six inch Cheetara, so now I'm tempted to get that scale as well, but I need to draw the line somewhere, and the 4-inch line simply has better character selection (I just picked up King Claudas!) I pick up the occasional DC Classics character, but now that that line is basically defunct, I'm not sure what's happening there.

Doll wise, things are in a bit of flux. I've decided to scale back my Barbie collecting a good deal. I'd like to try and keep to to Ken stuff as much as possible, but of course I enjoy the media tie-in dolls like Star Trek as well. I just think I'm going to have to attempt being a bit more ruthless in what I pick up that's Barbie related.

I'm anticipating the new Winx from Jakks Pacific to be out this year, since the show has been revived in the U.S. on Nickelodeon. Hopefully the upcoming Toy Fair will have a bit more information regarding this. Whether or not I end up getting them is really going to come down to character selection and sculpt at this point, however. I own Winx dolls in three different scales from three different manufacturers. Do I really need to add a fourth series of Winx dolls? If they produce more of the boys than Sky and more of the Trix other than Icy, I'll probably be sold even if I don't like the sculpt as much as the other three lines. If it's mostly retreads, I'll probably pass though.

Monster High. Oh, Monster High. I love this line, but it drives me crazy at the same time. Half of 2011 was basically a crapshoot in terms of finding anything, so I'm hesitant to jump in again full force. I actually never picked up Dead Tired or the Classroom dolls because there was so much coming out, and I didn't think I'd have time to hunt for everything. Go figure those were the easiest dolls to find. It eventually just started to become a bit of a chore and really not fun (can anyone say still trying to find a basic Abbey without resorting to Ebay scalpers? Thank goodness the word on the street is that they're doing a second run of her to drop around May). That feeling was mollified a bit when I was able to snag Skull Shores, the three new girls (Toralei, Nefera, and Operetta), and part of Sweet 1600 in January. But still, I want to be able to walk into a store and find a reasonable selection. If Mattel can do this with Barbie, they should be able to do it with MH.
So I'm thinking of scaling back on what I pick up going forward for this line. New characters are an obvious must buy, and anything of the guys I'll continue to get, but I'll probably be evaluating each sub-line going forward more stringently. My general rule has been all or nothing with each sub-line, but perhaps I'll start breaking that if there's only one or two dolls in a sub-line that I really like.

Actually, scaling back will hopefully happen a bit across the board. I simply need to be more choosy in what comes home with me. Not only for space issues, but I have tons of stuff from 2011 I haven't even deboxed yet. I almost need time to process all that before I move forward with getting much of anything this year.

Anyway, hopefully I can do a non-toy related post soon!
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Well, it's not a toy/doll update like I said in the last post, but having just finished watching Season Four and the second Winx Club Movie, I really wanted to get down my thoughts while they were somewhat fresh.

It's hard to believe that I'm coming up on my forth anniversary as a fan of Winx.  I started watching the show in August 2007 when Season 3 started airing with the 4Kids dub, and I quickly caught up with the first two seasons.  That basically sealed  the 4Kids cast in my mind as the "real" cast, and their retelling became my favorite version.  Winx is a strange property with its worldwide distribution - I've seen four (possibly five if the version of Movie 2 I watched was really different) separate dubs of the show.  4Kids, RAI English, Nickelodeon and the Italian versions all have their good and bad points, but when you've seen something one way for so long, it can become hard to accept another dub.

Season three is the last one to have a 4Kids produced dub, however, so anything beyond that requires getting used to something new anyway.

The impetus to watch my RAI English version of Season 4 came about after watching the first Nickelodeon special.  It condensed the first half of Season 1 with new animation and the newest dub.  (And it's actually a pretty good dub.  Time will tell, but it just might sneak in behind 4Kids as my second-favorite.)  These specials will summarize seasons 1 and 2, and then Nick will pick up with Seasons 3 and 4 in full.  But I just couldn't wait that long to see Season 4 after catching Winx fever again, and my unwatched episodes started calling. 

Actually, when Season 4 came out, nobody thought that Winx would ever make a US comeback, so I've seen the first half of Season 4 in Italian with subtitles.  Those subs seemed to dry up after a period of time and I was never able to finish.  So to find all the episodes with the RAI English was a great boon.  

But enough backstory - thoughts on Season Four!  Obviously, spoilers to follow.

I find myself really torn.  On one hand, after so long without any Winx, it was so fun to see everyone back in action again.  On the other hand, I always felt that the first movie was such a poignant conclusion to the series, and really brought Bloom's journey to an elegant closure, tying up many of the loose ends hanging since Season One.  

Season Four differs so much in tone from the first three.  In all of those, we had the foundation of Magix and the three schools to anchor the story.  Since S4 takes place largely on Earth, there is only infrequent contact with the magical dimension.  I believe this was detrimental to the series, and was somewhat used to let go of continuity elements as it suited the writers.

Specifically, I really took issue with the decision by the Winx to stay on Earth at the end of the series to run Love & Pet and focus on their rock band.  Really?  You're guardian fairies of your planets in the magical dimension with awesome powers, but you'd rather run a pet shop and sing.  And then they acted like it had been their dream all along, and saying things like "We won't give up on our dreams!"  It was just so OOC.  You can't convince me Stella would be happy with that.  She's a princess - styling pets for the rest of her life couldn't possibly be her first choice.

Another thing that bothered me was the lack of much character development.  Winx has a huge cast, and I know that it has to be tricky to balance all the characters at this point.  But it felt so often that lots of the characters got really neglected this season.  Tecna and Timmy really stand out as prime examples.  Nothing really interesting happened to their storyline, and their relationship appeared to revert to season two levels of awkwardness.  Flora developed attitude, but nothing really happened to her.  Which was too bad, because the introduction of Diana - another nature fairy - had so much wasted potential in that arena.

And when there was character development, it seemed so out of character.  Like Layla - I can buy that her love for Nabu "softened" her a little, but she pretty much lost all spark and edge until she flipped out near the end of the series (also the point she became the most interesting, IMO).  And how many times are we going to have to watch Musa and Riven have their squabbles and differences?  It's like the same thing every season.  However, Riven's budding friendship with Nabu and Helia was a high point; first time I think he's really ever expressed himself to others.

The Specialists, on the whole, were not well used.  Their appearances were pretty much confined to working at the Frutti Music Bar and pairing off/hugging the Winx when they all walked into a room.  Oh, and saying they need to support their girlfriends and their dreams (but apparently not have any thoughts or dreams of their own?)  I'm actually glad they decided to leave Earth at the end of the season.

Breakdown by couple.
1.  Bloom and Sky - oddly, Bloom and Sky come off as the most adult in this season.  I think Sky being the new kind of Eraklyon and Bloom having finally recovered Sparx in the first movie really brought their maturity up a notch.  Bloom also served as a mentor to Roxy this season, positioning her as a voice of wisdom and maturity.
2. Stella and Brandon - I'm going to say it: I hated what they did to my favorite characters in the first half of the season.  They've been through far worse than Mitzi kissing Brandon for Stella to go so crazy. 
3. Flora and Helia - there was pretty much nothing here except Helia's new haircut.  They always talked about how strange the people of earth were and staying here afterward for no apparent reason.  Helia has more development with Riven than with Flora.
4. Musa and Riven - at least this season their argument actually led to their breakup and re-evaluation of their relationship.  Musa wanting to be a star on Earth seemed odd, too.  Like why would it be important to be a singer on such a non-magical planet?
5. Tecna and TImmy - nothing, again.  Not even a new haircut.
6. Layla and Nabu - sigh.  Nabu gets developed then killed.  Layla goes really starry-eyed over everything.  And they also made plans to stay on Earth together...while what happens to Tides?

There was an awful lot of quick judgmental reactions and mistrust between the couples this season for characters who've been through three years of adventures together.

The ever-growing number of transformations became tiring.  I liked Believix (beautiful designs!) despite the fact that it spits in the face of continuity concerning Enchantix.  But seriously, Sophix and Lovix were pointless - or at least having whole new outfits for them was.  And having to sit through the Zoomix, Speedix, and Tracix wing transformations got old as well.  I pray S5 and beyond tone it down.

Some things that came out of the fourth season that I really liked were the new characters.  Roxy was overall a good addition to the cast, and I hope she at least appears occasionally in Seasons 5 & 6.  The Wizards of the Black Circle are the best villains since the S1 Trix.  And I absolutely loved the earth fairies: Morgana, Nebula, Sibylla, Aurora, and Diana finally showed some morally gray characters, and that not all fairies are good.  In fact, my favorite parts of the series were the dealings with the Major Fairies.  And of course I really liked the Frutti Music Bar Crew: Klaus, Andy, the band, and Jason Queen added some flavor to the non-magical people.  It was also nice that Mike, Vanessa, and Mitzi were back.

But if found it odd that Bloom never contacts her family on Sparx after the events of the first movie.

The Pets.  Oh, the pets.  All the irritating parts of the Pixies without any of the humor or charm.  You can only watch them getting into trouble and abusing Kiko so many times.  Heh, well, the episode where they all could talk and only asked for food was pretty funny.  Also, the "Love and Pet" theme song will hang around your head for DAYS.

Looking back it seems like I hated Season Four, which really wasn't the case!  It had the best animation of any of the four seasons, and some good character moments interspersed throughout, but I think so many OOC moments and the Earth setting made it really jarring.  Still though, it was very nostalgic to see the Winx back together, and it's at least as good as Season Three.

Moving on to movie two, I felt much more positive.  In some ways, it seemed like this movie bypassed the events of season four aside from having the Winx in their Believix costumes.  Lots of time in the magical dimension on Magix, Sparx and Eraklyon, no Roxy, Nabu still alive (and he, Sky, and Helia with their original haircuts) made me question the timeline.  Now I have no idea how much reciprocity there is between what happens in the movies and what happens in the show.  There should be some stat clarification on that.

It was absolutely amazing to see the Trix back in action, the Specialists looking competent, and Bloom's interactions with her two families (including more Daphne, who always looks spectacular in the CGI films).  The amount of interesting backstory added between Sparx and Eraklyon was great as well.  Bloom meeting the different princes was hilarious, and her maids were pretty funny as well.  The movies always seem to be a Bloom-centric story, which I think helps them from getting out of control.

Whew,  that got long!  Now that Winx is back on US airwaves and having watched these two things, I'm definitely back in Winx Fever mode!  August 1st and the next Nickelodeon special can't come fast enough!
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I placed my order for Winx in Concert Bloom, Flora, and Musa from a German seller on Ebay. Hopefully in about two weeks my Simba Winx collection (only one of each girl) will be complete. It ended up being Believix Tecna, Roxy, and Layla, and Concert Stella, Bloom, Flora, and Musa. This does it for me for the Simba Winx dolls too - though really awesome, they are just too expensive for me to get any more, I think. Except if they made any of the guys. Heh.

Though I am thinking of ordering one or two of the Giochi Preziosi Disney Fairies. I have to support any iteration of Terence, after all!

And after seeing Avatar in theaters I desperately wanted some of the figures, but couldn't find a Neytiri after searching in five stores! Five! I was so dejected after even TRU failed me. So you can imagine my squee when she was at the last store I went to on a whim (plus, she was the last one there). I looked on Ebay the day I got her and saw one going for $75! That is just crazy. I'll get pictures of those figures up sometime soon. They're too awesome to not post.

Sorry for the toy-centric ramblings of this post. Real life updates will come soon, along with the promised doodles. :)
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There were so many good dolls and toys that I got in 2009 that it was hard to pick just ten, but here goes!

With pictures! )
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I finally ordered some Simba Winx Club dolls. I ordered Believix Tecna, Layla, and Roxy, and Concert Stella from to the tune of about $200. When I found that Muscara had them in stock, I just ordered from there - dealing with the hassle of German ebay sellers is really not my cup of tea. By being so slow in responding to messages they missed out on my sale!

I'm just a little afraid that I shouldn't have ordered so many, especially after Black Friday today. Because I also bought a new digital camera. >_< I've been meaning to upgrade my 3.1 megapixel camera (that I've had for at least 8 years now!) for quite some time, but vacillated between several Canon models (as they are the last holdout company that still puts viewfinders on their point-and-shoot models, a feature that I like). So whenever my Amazon order gets here, a new camera shall be among its treasures! I'm psyched. :)

So we went out around sixish this morning for Black Friday, but honestly I just wasn't in the mood. There were no must-have deals, and I pretty much just came away with a few DVDs (Gossip Girl Season 2! Mulan! Coraline!) for cheap and a couple of books for gifts. Most of my Christmas shopping was done online this year. I even went into Best Buy and came out with NOTHING. Heh. I didn't want anything enough to stand in that line!

Mostly though, my money concerns come from job issues that I'll get into at a later time (after I know exactly what's going to happen I'll give an update). Though surprisingly I got a letter from the City (my old employer when I worked at the library) saying I have a retirement account there worth about the amount of the camera! So I'm going to go cash that out and deposit the money in a few weeks. Random windfalls are so nice. Still, the Winx probably put me over-budget for the holidays, but if there's a possibility that I won't have a job later I might as well spend more now! Kids, never take financial advice from me.

Thanksgiving was nice, though. Especially the four days off (well, really only two if you don't count the weekend). We had some friends over for the meal, then after they left we watched Up, which I really enjoyed! It was a touching, heartwarming film, but not cloying. Perfect for reminding us to be thankful of our loved ones. So I wanted to say how thankful I am to have met all of you! And welcome to the Christmas season, my favorite time of the year! Expect some new fun holiday pictures of stuff when my camera arrives. :)


Aug. 10th, 2009 10:09 am
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A big thank you to [ profile] tanz_fanatika for Coco!

Flora loves her as much as I do. :) )
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So I had a bit of a breather last night after studying and freaking out over my Direct Loans coming due even though I'm in school, and finally got around to my Happy Birthday drawing!

As per your request! )
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I was looking at my bank account, and figuring in what I'll be earning the rest of the month from work...and counting other expenses (church, Mom's birthday, automatic savings) I realized I'm unable to make any personal purchases until early to mid June. Well, if I want to keep my bank account from looking totally anemic. *sigh*

I probably shouldn't have bought that casual Darcy on impulse on eBay, but she was such a good price I just couldn't pass her up! Or that Casual Mattel Layla - I only need Musa to complete that set now. Except the only one I found was, like, 60 euros from Germany so I think I'll just wait until something better comes along. :D

Foreign toys, you are killing me.

But speaking of foreign toys, my first Taeyang Jade arrived yesterday! I was shocked by how big they are. Somehow, I never imagined them to be that size. XD
I'll hopefully snap a few pictures tomorrow and post them up. But suffice to say, I totally love Taeyangs now, and can't wait for Shade and Clarity to arrive later this month (another giant expense, lol).

So come June, I'm going to order either some of the new Winx Italians or the Mattel Star Trek dolls. I was originally going to order another Pullip (Veritas or Prunella), but the expense would really be out of my range at that point in time. Plus, I want to see how I bond with the other three. Eheh...and since they're bigger than expected, I need to figure out somewhere to put them!

And speaking of Star Trek, I am still on Cloud Nine after seeing it last Saturday night. Seriously, one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Of course, it helps that I'm kind of a Trekkie. :) If you're still on the fence about seeing it, don't be! Go see it!

I've been watching the subs of Winx Season 4, too, and just finished episode 9. It was probably my favorite so far. The writing was better, and it was cool to see King Erendor again (looking totally out of place on Earth). The couples came off nicely as well. And Bloom talked with Helia. And Nabu. By herself. I don't know if this has ever happened before in the history of Winx! Plus, there was the awesome "Nabu eats a cookie with magic" bit that was just great. And it looks like my faves Stella and Brandon are getting back together. :) Makes me want to do episode reviews with my Stell and Brandon Italians and screencaps!
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Eek. I've been rather spendy (for me) lately. Well, I promised myself a Taeyang after doing all that horrid computer training, and was bidding on a Shade (Sherlock Holmes!) on eBay, only to see it go higher than a brand new one from Pullip Style! So I gave up and just bought him there. Except I also pre-ordered Clarity, the new Pullip for May. She's really gorgeous in a Nicole Kidman/Edwardian kind of way. I think she and Shade will be siblings. And I see Jade shipped, so yay Pullip family is growing! :) I want to get one Pullip a month (Prunella for June, and Veritas for July) now, so that m

Yesterday, my Winx Casuals order came! There was Bloom, Flora, Stella, and Tecna (the recent casual line that has their basic Season 2/3/movie outfits that I love. They're a really cute line, and I really want Layla and Musa now to have a complete Mattel line. Anal collecting instinct go!

But then. THEN. I found Casual Italian Darcy for $30 on eBay from piero (Muscara). (Well, plus $16 shipping, but meh.) Darcy's casual was always my favorite of the Trix casuals, so half an hour ago she became the first of my Italians to have a casual counterpart, and bringing my total collection up to an even 12.

So I've got to stop buying things. May Moratorium for the rest of the month, perhaps? But I have to get Mother's day gift as well as birthday gifts. Heh, both my parent's birthdays, Mother's day, and Father's day all fall within two months, so money always ends up flowing out during this time period anyway. But no dolls/toys until June! :)

Also, I really want to go see Star Trek tomorrow night!
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And going to see the show in less than 24 hours. I'm so excited!

Plus, we're planning on going to the aquarium that there was no parking for the last time I was in San Francisco.

But I have been on the phone all day trying to piece this trip together, along with things for the upcoming wedding on Sunday. I'm sick of phone tag!

But on the upside, all but one of my books have sold. So I treated myself to a fantastic Winx auction on eBay. I couldn't help myself - they were a really good price. And I'll finally have a Mattel Tecna!

I started the laborious process of deboxing my Italians today as well. Only Brandon, Stella, Layla, and Darcy are done and photographed. That alone took an hour and a half!

Toy Update

Mar. 22nd, 2009 10:35 pm
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My Icy and Stormy Italians arrived last week, along with Tecna, Musa, and Layla. Still no Darcy yet. *grump* I really hope she shows up tomorrow. I ended up breaking March Moratorium as well to use my 10% off eBay coupon - but it went to Bloom and Sky (Mattel) royal set, so it was for a good cause! I'll probably have a massive deboxing party over my Spring Break and snap pics/write the reviews then.

Also, my desire for Taeyangs and Pullips has grown almost exponentially. Those of you who own them, could you answer some questions for me?
1. What is the deal with staining? I see things everywhere that dark clothes can stain these dolls. What can be done to prevent/protect against this?
2. Are these dolls fairly sturdy, or fragile? I know there are different body types.
3. What are "obitsu" bodies?
3. About how big are these dolls?

That's all I can think of right now, but if you know any pitfalls for first-time owners, don't hesitate to share!

I have to work extra training hours at Longs during our conversion to CVS, and I believe that money will go toward some Taeyangs and Pullips. For Taeyangs, I really want Jade, Shade and Rayne, and Pullips are Veritas, Clarity, and Nahh-ato. I have also been reading the awesome [ profile] plastiqphantasy and her awesome pic fics, and think this has pushed me over to edge to want these dolls.
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I won Darcy last night, so now my Italian Trix collection will be complete! Unfortunately, someone was actually bidding against me for her, so that jacked the price up a little. D:
It's like, don't I know everyone in the US who would buy these Italians? :D

But after doin' the sums, I realized I've spent close to $500 on all my eleven Italians. Then I kind of freaked out a little; I don't think I've ever spent that much on something like this before.

I'm tempted to say "Ah well," and go merrily on with life, but my bank account is giving me the evil eye, so after much thought, I decided to institute March Moratorium. The idea is to not spend any more money on books/toys/etc. for the rest of the month and give my account time to recover and replenish.

I've never tried an experiment like this before. I'm assuming it's going to be painful. But it will give me a little time to perhaps put together a spending plan for collectible purchases that will apply to future months.
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A big thank you to Lori for letting us know about the free shipping sale at! Seriously, that's one of the worst parts about ordering things from Italy - the fact that what you pay in shipping could have bought a whole extra item (or two)!

So, Icy and Stormy Italians are paid for and will (hopefully) be joining my Italian Winx family soon! Also, I'm watching a Darcy on eBay right now, so I hope to have all three Trix. :D
But I'm probably going to put a moratorium on buying Italian Winx after getting the Trix. They're just too expensive to get on such a regular basis.

Tooooooys. You have taken over my life rather suddenly.

Which has had me looking all over the internet for practical ways to store them. I happened across and was reading some of her articles. She talks in one of them about trying to make it clear to yourself about what lines you collect before you start, so that you don't end up spending a bunch of money on random things. While part of me thinks that's a good idea, another part recoils against such thinking. Sure, it's fun to collect a whole line of something, and almost every toy collector has such a line, but part of the fun of toy collecting is getting something that just...appeals to you. That's the magic of toys and what they're all about!

But back to storage - how DO I cope with the sudden influx of new toys? I've battled storage issues in my room (dealing with books) for years now, but toys require greater care in their storage. If you collect, how do you do it? Rubbermaid containers? Cardboard boxes? Ziploc bags? (Actually, I seem to remember reading somewhere that Ziploc bags can cause damage to your toys?)

Just for fun, I decided to make a list (because I love lists) of toy/doll lines I currently collect/want to start collecting:
1. Jewel Riders (this is my "quest to have the complete line" series)
2. Dragon Flyz (both the 1996 and 2005 lines, though I like the '96 line better due to childhood memories)
3. Winx Club (mostly Italians, but some Mattel as well)
4. MOTU 2002 line (seriously some of my favorite sculpts ever)


Feb. 27th, 2009 08:59 pm
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I know I'm horribly (not fashionably) late with getting these pics up, but I still wanted to share them. I really love my Italian Winx more every time I look at them, and I can't wait for Musa, Tecna, and Layla to arrive. I think Darcy will probably be joining the family soon as well!

Also, there's a pic of the first member of my newest toy obsession, who arrived yesterday. Prince Adam is here! :)

Is there any wonder why I love Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium? )

In completely unrelated news, the event that my committee put on last evening was fairly well attended (there were about 50 people there, and I - in a pessimistic attitude - expected no more than 10). It gives me hope that future events can be advertised better though!

Still sick!

Feb. 8th, 2009 09:29 pm
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So I was rather premature when I said a few days ago that I was really feeling better. Seeing as how I still don't feel all that great and all. I'm worried it might be moving into A. Sinus Infection or B. Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. Neither of which I am particularly interested in dealing with at the moment. I seriously don't have the time to waste at Kaiser getting some antibiotics. So I think I'll give it a few more days, and if I still feel about the same, I'll probably be resigned to going in.

This of course didn't stop me from going in to work today. But it should have. My speaking voice is pretty quiet right now and I felt rather woozy for the first couple of hours.

I have also not have coffee for almost a week. This is the longest I have gone without in a year and a half. But really, I don't think my stomach could really handle it if I did drink some. Tea it is.

The only bright spot was that my Winx Italians arrived this last week! Now here's a question I'm struggling with - to unbox or not? At the moment, I don't have anywhere good to display them, so I'm leaning toward leaving them in their boxes (which of course makes them worth more). I will take pictures soon though!
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So I've been pretty notably absent for the last couple of weeks, which is so sad. What can I say? School is already pressing down on me like a two ton walrus. XD

So, updates!

SCHOOL: Hard, yet boring, with a sleep-deprived aftertaste. It's kind of sick when I think that Pharmacy Law might be my most interesting class right now. Though Toxicology is pretty awesome. Poisons!
General Pharmaceutical Care and Renal/Respiratory Care are both hampered by boring-as-dirt teachers, during classes that COULD be interesting into a fight against somnolence.

But we pick Rotations sites in a week. I have number 80 out of 230, so I kind of lucked out, and am hoping I can get my #1 choice. :)

CHOIR: Back in session! We have a new director for the remainder of the season, which I'm really grateful for. What's really weird is that he was our old director's music teacher back in Venezuela. Oh, small world. But I'm really glad I'll at least be able to sing until I leave for Rotations.

PIANO: Chugging along. Still don't get to practice often enough.

READING: Peter and the Starcatchers is the current book, and very fun so far. I'm excited to see how it turns out! But it's definitely not fun to limit myself to about 20 pages a night - makes me feel like I'll never get through it. D:

WATCHING: Outlaw Star and Angel Links. I can't express how much I enjoyed these two anime series. I feel like it's been a long time since I've had such fun watching anime. Maybe it helps that they're, like, 10+ years old. XD Oh me and my nostalgia. To think that series I passed over when they were new are now like unmined gems waiting to be discovered! I think I'm going to be on an old anime kick for a bit now. :)

RANDOM: I'm so excited - I finally ordered more Italian Winx dolls! My Brandon has been lonely for some time now, so I ordered Sky, Stella, Bloom, and Flora. Sky, Stella, and Bloom were all from Tons of Toys, and Flora was from Ebay. All together, the bill came to $191, which was kind of on the pricey side, but on the flip side they're all getting harder to find, so it was better to not wait. :D So excited!
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Well, that's a big relief - I passed all of my classes this last semester, and will be moving on to Semester Five of Pharmacy School come January. :D

Somehow every semester by the time I get to finals, this complete terror at failing out comes over me. I think it's because for some classes, the amount of time I spent studying seems to have no effect on the end grade. And of course, it never helps that the information we're learning is unlike anything I've ever studies before. Seriously, Fourth Semester was pretty brutal, if only because we finally moved into the therapeutics side of pharmacy as opposed to the basic science. But at least it finally feels like I'm learning things that will allow me to actually give good care to the patients at my pharmacy.

But at any rate, I am thoroughly enjoying my break so far. I don't go back until January 5th, which is amazing. It's definitely nice to get out earlier and actually be able to enjoy the Christmas season instead of taking a final three days before Christmas. XD

As usual, I have made a giant list of things I want to accomplish over this break. Here are a few samples:

1. Rewatch Winx Season 2 (already through half of it!)
2. Various writing projects (two Winx fics and continuing the work on my Jewel Riders fic)
3. Reading all my Peter Pan books (the original, Peter Pan in Scarlet, and the two Dave Barry Peter Pan books I have)
4. Sit down and edit some of my old home movies (ready to start this last Saturday, but then I found out the connection on my laptop are not quite right; I need to go hunting for an Firewire adapter)

There are of course, about triple that amount of things on the actual list. We'll see what I can actually get accomplished in four weeks (aside from trying to make up for months of lost sleep and ridding myself of caffeine dependence and dark circles under my eyes lol).

I'm also super excited about the upcoming Sarah Brightman concert that I have tickets for. She's performing on the 16th, and I can't wait! Also, there is a local production of "The Princess and the Pea" that I'm thinking of going to if I can pull someone along with me. :D
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I feel so unfocused right now.

I spent last weekend (right after midterms) in Anaheim attending a Pharmacy conference. The plus side is, of course, I got to go to Disneyland too! And see two of my dear, dear friends from high school who live down there now. And since one of them works for Disneyland, I got to get into the park for free. :D The Happiest Place on Earth (TM) is only made more wonderful when it's free.

So I had a wonderful time, but it's been bad trying to focus this week - I didn't get the rest I usually get after a test week, and have just kind of been dragging. It doesn't help that there's been some interpersonal dramas this week - everyone (including me) has just been a little waspish this semester, and it's starting to really get to me.

Last night I really didn't do any work, and ended up going to Jo-Ann's Fabric and Crafts to get the final supplies for my puppet theatre (which I'll post pictures of when it's complete). I also did the gold paint detailing work on the board (which I think looks terrible, but eh), so that's out of the way. Now all that remains is the strengthen the board and get the curtain sewn. Before Monday. *faints* But the goal was to create something that can be used for several years, and I think I'll have done it. :) I also stopped by Borders (Maple White Mocha goodness!) and found the most amazing thing ever: an X-Men pop up book. In the bargain section.
I don't know who's crackhead mind came up with that (it uses actual comic panels!), but it is without a doubt the most amazing/insane thing I've ever seen. For just $5, I had to have it. I also picked up Prilla's Prize and Fairy Lanterns from the Disney Fairies collection, also for well below retail. ^__^

During this week, instead of studying I've plowed my way through the entire first season of Winx. This is crazy, as the last time I watched the first season, I also went through the whole thing in a week. I swear, ever since I started playing as Brandon in the Winx Club RPG ([ profile] winxclubrpg) - and having a marvelous time, I might add - I've been really hungry to watch Winx again. I have to say, I still love the show just as much as when I first started watching it. Stella's lines still make me laugh out loud (like when she says to Flora "Like homeopathy's going to work against dark magic? It's like, 'Don't mess with us or we'll hit you with a daisy and go all herbal on you!'"). In fact, I think this rewatch really renewed my love for Stella as a character.

Granted, though I came to the show late (I didn't start watching it until the third season), Winx will always hold a special place for me because it's what started my "Second Renaissance" of creative endeavors after several "dry" years.

So now I want to pull out my Season 2 DVDs and give those a whirl. :)

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