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Vertigo sucks.  I'm just going to put that out there.

Tuesday night on the Fifth of January, I went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens with my brother, who was in town for a visit.  I felt fine after the movie, and through breakfast the next morning.  However, around noon I started to feel a bit dizzy.  I sat down, hoping it would pass.  However, the dizziness only got worse, and soon after the room began to spin.  I tried laying down, closing my eyes, but to no avail.  A few hours went by like this until mid afternoon I decided to have my brother take me to the ER.

It pays to work at a hospital, because I got a room almost instantly, along with some oral meds that I later threw up.  They did some tests, and found out the cause of the vertigo was likely an ear stone (new word of the week: otolith!) messing up my balance.  The PA tried doing a head manipulation called the Epley maneuver, which is supposed to help, but she admitted she wasn't familiar with it, and I think it ended up causing me to throw up.  (Side note: so weird to be under the care of my coworkers!  My brother thought it was amusing how everyone from the docs to the janitorial staff was checking up on me!)

So I ended up with an IV, and some steller anti-nausea meds that helped me feel a bit better.  The ER could see no reason to admit me, though, so I had several days of feeling crazy at home.  (At one point my brother and I went to a great used bookstore.  Most of my purchases were from books at eye level, because looking too far up or down the aisles made me crazy dizzy).

It's been almost two weeks at this point, and with some Physical Therapy (who knew they could refer you to for PT for an ear problem?  I thought it was a joke at first!) I've begun my recovery.  Still, it was a crazy weird experience, and I'm hopeful it never happens again.  But since the Physical Therapist thought I had "hypovestibular function" in my right inner ear, it's possilbe it'll come back if I'm not careful.  Spending too much time on the computer was difficult if not impossilbe in the beginning, though that has somewhat improved.

So overall, a really shitty but interesting experience in retrospect.  But on the upside, I now know how to write a character with vertigo, I guess? XD
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Haha, I’m only 10 days late, right?

No, but seriously, November was as enriching a month as I’ve had in, well, probably a year (since last year’s NaNo). I wrote, I laughed, I met some amazing writers in my area, and I had a ton of fun.

But I didn’t hit 50K this year.

My valiant effort netted me 30K (And bonus! Several novel ideas found space to germinate!), but I think I vastly underestimated the difficulty of starting and stopping a hundred times by doing Flash Fiction. Of the seven categories I wanted to attempt, I only hit 3.5 of them. Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, and Fantasy all got 14-15 prompts done, and Superhero got about 4. I never touched Arthurian, Retro Futurism, or Steampunk.

So I’m going to chalk the writing part up to good experience. Crafting good Flash Fiction is hard, and doing that many was probably not a realistic goal for one month. If I committed to flash fiction again during November, it would be with an understanding that I probably wouldn’t shoot for 50K. I missed the feeling of being able to sink into the words and let them flow over you. By the time I could hit a writing sweet spot and get into my groove…the prompt was over!

Also, it didn’t help that I got a light bout of food poisoning mid-month! It kind of was the prompt for me to allow myself to let my issues with my format take precedence. And since I didn’t feel good, I went on a Glee-watching binge on Netflix (super fun show, btw!)

But November certainly wasn’t a total loss! As Municipal Liaison for my region, I had an absolutely awesome time organizing Write-Ins. In total, I put together nine events including the Kick-Off and TGIO (Thank Goodness It’s Over!) events.

One of the best things to spin out of last month, however, was that several of my writers have taken it upon themselves to found a twice-monthly critique group called Mark My Words! One of my biggest lamentations after each November (aside from the fact that I’m suuuper drained all December!), is that I have all this built up creative energy, but nowhere for it to live once NaNo is done. I’m hopeful that this group of talented writers (some of them are even published!) can help me hone my craft and get things ready for publication.

I’m still hopeful I can craft five to seven good superhero Flash fictions to put up on Amazon later this month or early January! Wish me luck!
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Gah, I haven't posted anything here since January 1st!  One of my yearly goals was to blog at least twice a month, and so far I'm doing kind of miserably at it. Heh.

January passed by in a super blur, but one highlight was going down to Southern California for my brother's birthday.  I got us tickets to see Wicked with some friends (first time for him, third time for me...XD).  The show was a Sunday evening, and I flew down the Thursday night before.  I had plans to get together with an old friend on Friday and take my brother to Disneyland on Saturday.  Well, you know what they say about the best-laid plans...after my plane landed Thursday night, I promptly got stomach flu. >_<  It was horrible, and I was up most of the night.  Thankfully, everything seemed to calm down by Friday night, so we made the decision around noon on Saturday to attempt Disneyland.  It was so crowded...and raining.  Raindrops became daggers to poke you in the eyes on outside rides.  Still, it was good to get out of the apartment and away from my illness for a few hours.  Wicked on Sunday was great; I think it was the same cast who I saw last May when they came through Sacramento.

After seeing that Netflix was possibly taking down My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I burned through Season Four (and then ended up rewatching a bunch of other random episodes!).  S4 reminded me why I love that series.  Great character moments, more nods to bits of continuity, and the most kickass fight EVER in MLP anything.  I was worried a bit when Twilight became a princess at the end of S3, but the writers really handled how her character would deal with a life-changing event like that perfectly.  Also, I listened to the "Filli Vanilli" song for like a week straight.  Sooo good.  (Actually, the series has always had really strong music.)  I need to get my comics out and catch up with what's happening there now.

Writing-wise, I've been slowly poking away at Theodore and Tippetarius in Oz, my genderbent Wizard of Oz retelling.  While I'm enjoying it immensely, I'm still unsure of what to do with the final product.  It will need serious editing, and possible rewriting (with more of a plan and world guidelines/timeline in firm place) if I ever plan on publishing it.  I do want to eventually share it.  I may start by posting it online somewhere just to get feedback.

Speaking of writing, this is the year I want to launch my official author website and start publishing some flash fiction collections and short stories.  I've set a personal goal to put the first collection out by end of March/April.  However, I'm being hampered by not having settled on a pen name yet.  I've thought long and hard about whether or not to have a pen name, and eventually I decided that having a professional license attached to my real name was just too great a risk for using it on my books.  i've narrowed the surname field down to two or three possible finalists.  Maybe I can post a poll to see everyone's opinion?
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Eheheh....so it's been since something like March since I made a personal update here?  I intended to do a little update after Fanime back in May, and then again after my trip in July, but it just never happened.  So now I find myself here on the cusp of September, ready to look back on this summer.
Cut for super long rambling! )
That pretty much brings everything up to speed.

In writing, I've started working through Holly Lisle's "How to Write Flash Fiction That Doesn't Suck" workshop, and it's really fun so far!  I've got my first five story beginnings down, and it feels so good to write my own fiction for literally the first time in years.  I'll post beta versions here when I'm done with those.

In reading, I just finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire reread - I've been meaning to reread the last four HP books since I reread the first three last year.  I forget just how good those books are sometimes.  I also picked up City of Bones on my Nook, but I don't have great hopes for it.  Oh, and Crown of Midnight just released!  Super excited to read that.  I picked up two new manga series at Japan Expo - Dawn of  the Arcana, and Bride of the Water God.  Dawn of the Arcana is good so far (if not totally engrossing, it's at least hooked me to get a second volume).

In watching, I've been on a super Star Trek DS9 binge.  Like, the final three seasons in a row.  Guh, I'm actually a little tired of Star Trek at the moment, but I'm veyr much looking forward to the last few episodes.  I also started watching "Free! Iwatobi Swim Club" at Japan Expo, and look forward to finishing the rest on Crunchyroll.

Anyway, I ought to update here more frequently!  Cheers all.
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This week has just been crazy busy. Not only am I preparing horrendously large applications for seven different pharmacy residency positions (which require letters of recommendation that end up being their own form of application), but I give a presentation tomorrow, have a conference with my Regional Coordinator, and to top it all off, I found out today I have tonsillitis.

WTF. Tonsillitis? I thought it was strep throat after checking it, but I guess that's why I'm not a doctor. So now they gave me the antibiotic that is most prone to cause diarrhea. So for $120 for a Dr's visit + antibiotics, you too can get a shot at this grand fate! Hopefully the probiotics I got will ward it off, but who knows?

At least I have a wonderful cup of Chai Tea to console me (and got out of work early to go to my appointment!)

Also, I think when I get off for break I'm going to do my own Top 10 Toys of 2009 post.

Still sick!

Feb. 8th, 2009 09:29 pm
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So I was rather premature when I said a few days ago that I was really feeling better. Seeing as how I still don't feel all that great and all. I'm worried it might be moving into A. Sinus Infection or B. Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. Neither of which I am particularly interested in dealing with at the moment. I seriously don't have the time to waste at Kaiser getting some antibiotics. So I think I'll give it a few more days, and if I still feel about the same, I'll probably be resigned to going in.

This of course didn't stop me from going in to work today. But it should have. My speaking voice is pretty quiet right now and I felt rather woozy for the first couple of hours.

I have also not have coffee for almost a week. This is the longest I have gone without in a year and a half. But really, I don't think my stomach could really handle it if I did drink some. Tea it is.

The only bright spot was that my Winx Italians arrived this last week! Now here's a question I'm struggling with - to unbox or not? At the moment, I don't have anywhere good to display them, so I'm leaning toward leaving them in their boxes (which of course makes them worth more). I will take pictures soon though!


Feb. 4th, 2009 03:29 pm
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So I stayed home the last two days from school. Sickness ahoy!

Sickness of the chills/body aches/feverish/coughing variety. Most likely some kind of flu.

Actually, I had to go into school for a lab on Tuesday afternoon, but left afterward. I basically slept the rest of the night after that. Woke up feeling slightly better today.

The only positive? I've lost almost two pounds in as many days! XD


Oct. 1st, 2008 11:36 pm
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I've totally got laryngitis now. My voice is totally hoarse, and fluctuates all over the place. This was only worsened by trying to talk for over an hour this afternoon while I was a TA for lab.

Suffice to say I didn't make it to choir practice this evening.
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Woke up yesterday morning with a scratchy throat. It was followed by a day of incredible muscle weariness, light fever, and a total inability to focus on studying. This is SO not what I need the week before midterms. I pretty much went to bed after watching Heroes. Thankfully, the illness seems to not be getting any worse, but my throat feels incredibly dry and scratchy. I think it may be time for salt-water gargle to show up again!
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So this morning when I was washing my hands at the school library, I looked up into the mirror and realized "I have honest-to-goodness DARK CIRCLES under my eyes!" I have always been kind of an insane studier, but this is a new one even for me. I have joked about this before, and even drawn them in once or twice with a charcoal art pencil, but to see yourself looking that haggard is just kind of depressing.

But such is life the week before Midterms. I have been studying with my group for roughly 7-8 hours per day at school (that's AFTER I finish the normal school day), and when I got home I still worked until about 12:30 to 1:00. This week has really taken a toll on me; I'm starting to feel a little sick now too. DO NOT WANT. I seriously don't have the time to be sick right now (didn't I just get over a sickness recently too?)

In other news, I might be getting a permanent internship with Longs, which is very exciting! I sent them my resume and CV last night, and have a telephone interview next Wednesday.

I also start up piano lessons again next week (bad timing, I know), which will be wonderful after going several weeks without. :)


Nov. 29th, 2007 10:16 pm
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Turns out Dad came down with bronchitis - and was on the verge of pneumonia by the time he went to the doctor's...-_- DO NOT WANT. (Can't afford to get sick at this stage of the game.
So he came home with an Avelox (antibiotic) prescription, four bottles of cough syrup, and an inhaler. Which they didn't show him how to use. GO PULMONARY PRACTICUM! I CHOOSE YOU! XDDD
So yeah, I counseled him on how to use his new inhaler using my newfound inhaler knowledge. >_< Yay for school!

Geh...only three more days until finals. I'm already feeling incredibly tired - sometimes I really wish I had the Caffeine Patch from Meet the Robinsons (Cute movie, btw.). It really would make my life so much easier.

Seriously, Disneyland in two weeks is the only happy thought keeping me going right now.
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So yeah...I've been a little absent around here lately.

At least I have an excuse, and its name is...Staphylococcus aureus, that great little bacteria that causes FOOD POISONING.

That's right. I went out for sushi with friends last Saturday night, and started to feel a little gastrointestinal discomfort around midnight (the fast onset of symptoms lead me to conclude later it was food poisoning). So I wake up around 4 am all feverish, and in the meantime my stomach problems have gotten way worse. I drug my comforter into the bathroom and laid on the tile for a little bit. It all went downhill from there. Over the course of the next 8 hours, I threw up at least 15 times...15 TIMES!

I haven't prayed to the porcelain god like that in a very long time, and haven't even thrown up since senior year after I came back down from climbing Half Dome in Yosemite. Needless to say, I was wiped out the rest of Sunday (which was bad, since I needed to spend the day doing research for my History of Ancient Rome essay! T_T) and suffered chills and other such nasties for the rest of the day. It's Thursday, and I still don't feel 100% yet. Sometimes it seems like I never will. I don't have much appetite for anything, that's for sure. And I certainly don't want to see sushi for a very long time.

Ah...nothing like being knocked flat by a little bacteria...>o< Oh joy.

In other news...I LOVE NODAME CANTABILE. I mean, come on - an anime about classical music students? And comedy and plotting like Honey and Clover...what's not to love? It's even gotten me really fired up about classical music again; one of the students played Rachmaninoff's 2nd Piano Concerto, and it made me dig out my brother's CD and remember why I <3 Rachmaninoff. XD And it really makes me want to play music again. Maybe I'll dig out my clarinet once finals are done or something. (Or maybe I'll take piano lessons over summer break! Heheh.) It also makes me want to go see some live Classical music. I need to check what the San Francisco Symphony is playing.

I had my Anatomy Final today, and let me tell you, I'm glad to be done with that class. But now I have to get through my O.Chem final and write my History of Rome paper in one day! >3> No easy feat! So there are a few days still until I can truly relax.

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