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We've been having a fun discussion over in [livejournal.com profile] monster_high about some thoughts on reaching the property's fifth anniversary (Summer 2010 was when the dolls started becoming available in stores).  I wrote up a little questionnaire to help facilitate sharing, and reading the varied responses has been both enlightening and nostalgic.  I mean, I never really thought that Monster High would not only go this long, but be going so strong at this point in the timeline.

It's funny, I had just finished Pharmacy school when MH debuted.  I was studying for my boards, and the line was a nice shiny distraction from the stress that was threatening to devour me at the time.  MH's wonderful posabiltiy and detailed character diaries/bios allowed for something that I could get lost a little bit in, and I am still grateful to the property for that.  (The other thing I really got into at the same time was She-Ra.  I DEVOURED that series over the summer as "rewards" for spending time studying! XD)

Questionnaire responses here )

I've really been enjoying the "Core 8" lately (Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Cleo, Deuce, Lagoona, Ghoulia, and Holt).  They have so much great going on design-wise.  Picking up the recently-released vinyls has given me an all-new appreciation for the great design work that went into that first batch!  (Here's hoping we get a Holt vinyl at some point.  Poor boy has basically been forgotten!)

My Amazon exclusive "Collector Draculaura" arrived today, and while she's a bit strange, she doesn't disappoint.  The hair is a bit of a dry mess, it's true (and they didn't do the large front curl that's in all the promo pictures, but even so, the overall presentation is superb.  Little touches like the box being coffin-shaped (wonderfully reminiscent of the cutout shape on the original boxes), to having a removable lid, and nice stiching on the dress.  The face feels a bit...off.  Like, definitely not the cheerful Draculaura face she usually wears.

But I actually like that too, the more I reflect on it.  It goes well with the more somber tone of her Diary.  And OMG, the diary is practically worth the price of admission alone!  I lovelovelove that we finally get some of Ula D's backstory answered, including her true connection with Dracula explained!  And can I just fanboy all over the place that she's actually ROMAN?  I need another Draculaura in a toga, stat.

Basically, I hope that this doll does well enought that we might someday see other characters join her in fabulous editions.  How cool would an Egyptian Queen Cleo and Spartan Warrior Deuce 2-Pack be?  Or a Sea Goddess Lagoona?  Or a Holiday Ghost of Chrismas Spectra?  Or a Traditional Phantom/Christine combo Operetta?  Haha, basically I want this to turn into some kind of historical cosplay theater sub-line. XD

But really, this Draculaura has reminded me why I loved the character in the first place.  I think she's become really one-note and annoying as the series has gone on (seriously though, tell me that her ridiculousness in the specials isn't infuriating).  Draculaura is a happy character, yes, but it's supposed to always be tempered by kindness and consideration for others.  (She is the character that tries to make "normie" Jackson comfortable in the Monster world and goes against type hanging out with werewolves, after all.)  And maybe a little bit of pain underneath (though well hidden).   I guess I just want her character to have a bit more depth - nobody who's been alive for 1600 years will be without a plethora of interesting stories to tell!
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And I'm pretty tired. These 10 hour days are going to take some getting used to. Thankfully Dawn of the Dance Cleo was waiting on my doorstep when I got back to the townhouse! :) That totally made my day.

I'm probably going to do a more detailed moving/first week post this coming Thursday or Friday, but just to sum everything up: moving is for crazy people and I like my job, but it's going to be a huge learning curve.

Time for some ice cream now.
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Direct me to it, please?

Well, my hopes were dashed.   Looks like I didn't get a residency like I'd hoped.  Maybe "dashed" is too strong of a word.  I'm not actually sad about NOT having to work super hard for pennies for a year, but I did put a lot of time and effort (and money!) into all those apps and interviews.  Now it all just feels like a big fat waste of time.  And I would have enjoyed the opportunity to learn lots more.

So I consoled myself by picking up the Twilight Barbies and the Princess and the Frog off of Amazon. XD

But in all seriousness, I feel incredibly directionless now.  I had put most of my hopes into getting a residency, and now I'm not really sure what to do.  I'm afraid of retail pharmacy - it's incredibly soul-sucking and tiring - but most hospitals don't actually hire that many pharmacists.  So I kind of see myself just falling into a retail position by default.  Which makes me sad.  I should really look up the contact info for some of my pharmacist friends and see if they can't hook me up with some sort of hospital job.

But on a more fun note, I just finished my fifth rotation last week, and they gave me $125 work of gift cards at the end!  I was in complete and total shock.  And touched, too.  I'm going to miss that pharmacy and its crazy antics.  One of the cards was for the the theater, so I'm definitely going to go catch How to Train Your Dragon this week.  Must support animation in the theaters!
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OMG, thank your for the souvenirs! I really want to visit the theme park in Hong Kong that the map is from now. -_- Because I am kind of a theme park whore. The Tokyo Disney coin and the little key chain are neat too!

I was actually feeling stressed and a little down today, and then your package arrived in the mail and totally cheered me up! :D

Heee...and now I owe you souvenirs from my next trip. ^_^

Also, your handwriting is really nice.

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