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I seem to have done this questionnaire for several years running now, so it seemed to be the right time to dive back in and reassess! I want to write a proper 2014 Year In Review-style post, so that should be coming soon as well.

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Greetings all!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and accomplished everything they hoped to this year!  The tail-end of 2013 has felt ridiculous fast to me.  Perhaps because I spent November in a NaNo-induced haze and a late Thanksgiving shortened the Christmas season?  IDK, but I somehow feel flabbergasted that New Year's Eve is already here.

I guess the only place to start with a true review of 2013 would be to go back and review the goals and plans I made for the year at the end of 2012:

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Whew!  That was super long!  Anyway, onto goals and generic year-long plans.

January: Finish posting Heart Stone, finish and post Queen Kale.  Start Paleo eating.
February-August:  Work through How to Think Sideways.  Self-publish a flash fiction collection.  Take a bloody vacation somewhere (Anime Expo?)
September-December: NaNoWriMo prep for original story.  Start revisions from first novel.  Self-publish second flash fiction collection or short story collection.

Big goals: Follow paleo eating plan for three months, then evaluate.  Shift original fiction writing into gear.  Spend way, way less money on toys.
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So I know I joke about this quite often, but it seems that it really has come true faster than I ever expected: I have reached critical mass in terms of both toy display AND storage in my room. Even after doing a good bit of shifting in my closet today, I really only cleared some things off of the floor and stuck them on the shelves.

But did that stop me from picking up Frankie, Lagoona, and Draculaura today at Wal-Mart and TRU? Of course not. It's so easy to ignore your own space limitations when your standing there in a store surrounded by really awesome toys.

My collection has really gone through some explosive growth lately, and it has not been without its share of growing pains. Aside from the space issues, the Silkstone Ken I ordered on eBay appears to have been in the possession of a smoker. There was brown gunk ALL OVER his stand and shoes, and his white shirt and jacket have brown stains on them! That really, really irks me. There was NO MENTION of that in the listing, and the pics are strategically taken to minimize showing ANY of these very apparent flaws. I fully intend to replace him at some future point in time with a MIB version. But in the meantime, I need to attempt to launder the clothes and see if I can't get the stains out. ~_~ *sigh*

I may have reached the point of selling some things if I want to add any more, but in truth I am attached to everything in the collection at this point. Is that a sign of being a hoarder? I feel like it sometimes. So many books, DVDs and toys...it's just an untenable situation. So I finally sat down and made a list of the lines that I collect. This list should serve to guide me and (hopefully) keep my collection in some semblance of order and prevent it from growing so huge that it falls and kills me in my sleep.

Here if you want to see it and a small wishlist )

I are ded.

Dec. 7th, 2007 06:00 pm
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And that's all, folks.

Yes, I am in fact done with my first full semester of pharmacy school. Only seven more to go! >_<

I'm seriously dead, having basically lived on coffee (I believe I've mentioned before how much I'd love to have the Caffeine Patch from "Meet the Robinsons"), British tea, apples, and pretzels for about the last week. I think I've averaged about five hours of sleep a night, too (which for me in insanely not enough). @_@ Dark circles have taken over the nether regions of my eye.

But to celebrate making it through the first semester, a few of us went and had a nice lunch at BJs today, and I treated myself to a little retail therapy at Borders. :D I've gotten back the grades from two of my four classes already, so I'm only holding onto reservations about one of the two classes in which I don't know the grade already. It was Monday's test, and very hard. Probably the hardest of the bunch this time around.

My throat is feeling a little scratchy (most likely from living on junk food and entirely not enough rest), so I'm using my trusty old friend Salt Water Gargle to try and stave that off, along with using trusty friend #2 Zicam. Heaven knows I need to fend it off before Sunday, because I LEAVE FOR DISNEYLAND. And it becomes the saddest place on earth if you're sick!!!11! I'm seriously excited though, because I've never seen Disneyland at Christmas before...^_^

Hmm...it always seems that after finals I want to do so many things that I can't decide and just end up sleeping and doing nothing. Which is all right too. However, there are a few things I want to accomplish this break:
1. Finish some drawings that I started during the semester - they've been languishing in my computer for awhile now, and need to be finished.
2. Do a little bit a writing. Maybe bits of a fic or two.
3. Finish W.I.T.C.H. and La Corda d'Oro. These poor series have gone unfinished for months now (along with my life!). Also maybe watch the Nodame Cantabile live-action Japanese drama.
4. Do a little reading. I've earmarked some Peter Pan reading materials for this break.
5. Catch up with my piano practicing.
6. Fiddle with the movie-editing program on my computer. I have some old personal home videos that I'd love to transfer onto DVD.

Hmm...that list is actually pretty long. Not sure if I'll be able to get it all done, but I can always try! I want to go see the University Symphony and Chorus tomorrow night as well, since it's free and all for students.

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