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I seem to have done this questionnaire for several years running now, so it seemed to be the right time to dive back in and reassess! I want to write a proper 2014 Year In Review-style post, so that should be coming soon as well.

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Woof, it's been awhile since I posted anything here!  I've actually made several posts over at [livejournal.com profile] jewel_power regarding some treasures that have come up on Ebay, so if you're interested in Jewel Riders be sure to check that out. :)

In other news, this past weekend was my ten-year high school reunion.  I batted back and forth mentally for a while whether or not I was going to go originally.  My class was forty-four people total, some of which I had been in school with since Kindergarten.  It was a small private school system.  Suffice to say, I was ready for some space and separation from the vast majority of those people by the end of high school.  I've stayed in fairly close contact with the people who I was true friends with, and that always felt like enough for me.

I didn't go to the five year reunion, because I honestly felt like I had nothing to show for myself yet (also, I was still in pharmacy school and had like zero time to spare).  But by now I (and most others in the class) have been working for a few years and I was interested to see where many of them had found themselves a decade on.  Sure, there's Facebook stalking to keep up with some people, but there's nothing quite like actually seeing them.  And even among my closest friends from HS, we hadn't all been together in person since one of our number got married five years ago!

Saturday morning started with a church service at the school (including a fun bit of singing with the Lodian Singers again!), followed by a lunch at my parents' house (close friends invited only), and then the main class reunion at a brew pub restaurant on Saturday night.  The morning event wasn't as well-attended, but it was nice (I hadn't been back to the school in quite some time either).  The lunch was super fun, and we were pretty much roaring with laughter all afternoon.  The evening event...I had some anxiety about.  I thought I had put those feelings behind me a long time ago, that I didn't care what these people thought of me, but the surprising truth was that I still did (at least for those few hours that we were together).  That was a slightly bitter pill to swallow.

Still, the evening went well, and as it progressed (despite the complete loudness of the restaurant and my hoarse voice from yelling to be heard over the din) I found that I've still made peace in that area.  I wanted them to have a good opinion of me, but it truly didn't matter if they actually did.  Which makes sense - why should people I haven't seen for almost a decade occupy any of my limited mental space?

Part of it just felt awkward, though.  With some, it was like no time had passed at all, but others I struggled to simply find anything to say after "Hi, how are you?"  If there was never a connection there before, I guess nothing's going to come out of two hours together again. XD  But seeing all those people together again was a strange experience.  Part of me went straight back to HS, but always with this cognitive dissonance there that some people now have kids or look way different.  Even now, I'm not sure I'm describing it well.  This feeling never happened when I've seen people individually or in small groups, but something about having the whole group together made it feel like some sort of strange field trip, only a decade transposed.

Sunday was a nice, relaxed day though!  A few friends and I went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which is kind of like "Marvel does Tom Clancy."  I loved the banter and sibling-like relationship between Cap and Black Widow.  It was adorable!  (I'm a sucker for friendship ships, what can I say?)

I'm also in the middle of rewatching X-men: The Animated Series from the 90s, which has been a total blast.  Expect thoughts on that soonish. :)
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Greetings all!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and accomplished everything they hoped to this year!  The tail-end of 2013 has felt ridiculous fast to me.  Perhaps because I spent November in a NaNo-induced haze and a late Thanksgiving shortened the Christmas season?  IDK, but I somehow feel flabbergasted that New Year's Eve is already here.

I guess the only place to start with a true review of 2013 would be to go back and review the goals and plans I made for the year at the end of 2012:

Cut for long ramblings! )

Whew!  That was super long!  Anyway, onto goals and generic year-long plans.

January: Finish posting Heart Stone, finish and post Queen Kale.  Start Paleo eating.
February-August:  Work through How to Think Sideways.  Self-publish a flash fiction collection.  Take a bloody vacation somewhere (Anime Expo?)
September-December: NaNoWriMo prep for original story.  Start revisions from first novel.  Self-publish second flash fiction collection or short story collection.

Big goals: Follow paleo eating plan for three months, then evaluate.  Shift original fiction writing into gear.  Spend way, way less money on toys.
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I can't believe the last time I posted here was in March.  It makes me sad that I either haven't taken the time to write anything down, or haven't had anything interesting enough going on that I felt compelled to jot down.

So, update on the last four months!

Work - Not much has changed in this arena.  I feel more comfortable with the job every day, and it's hard to believe that only a year ago I was killing myself studying for the boards and giving myself ulcers worrying whether or not I'd pass the tests. XD  I'm still wondering whether or not to make the effort to take another test in order to transfer my license to other states, but as I'm feeling particularly lazy right now (something I fear was ingrained by years of summers off) I'll probably re-evaluate that idea come fall.

Speaking of fall, in September I'm going to spend two weeks in Britain/Wales with the family!  I'm pretty excited, as it's the first time I'll have ever been out of North America (having previously been out of the country visiting our friendly neighbors to the north).  I actually just bought my BritRail pass today. :)  Trying to figure out the trains and London Tube access is a little confusing (after doing everything by car in America)  It's the first long-term family vacation we'll have taken in about five years, which makes me a little sad it's taken that long to get something together. 

Writing has been going decently.  After finishing a very long chapter of my Jewel Riders fic in really late May, I pretty much decided to take June off.  I felt really burnt out by this story after finishing that chapter (that took me almost a year to complete).  I actually did a little bit of story-planning on another fic, and it felt so good to be working on something else.  I still want to finish the story, but I don't think I can do such long chapters.  They just get bogged down and too drawn out.  I did a little bit of story planning on it again, and I think I know where it's going to end up roughly (at least better than I did before).  It'll probably surpass 50,000 words by the end, which is way more than I ever thought it would be.

On a sad note, my dear pet of 16 years passed away in May.  Carrie was an early birthday present for my 10th birthday, and I'm not afraid to say I pretty much bawled when I found out.  Every time I come home, I still expect her to be there. :(

Anyway, I'll probably do a toy post/update later.

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