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Sorry these took so long to get up! I still fully intend to go back and read the amazing stuff posted elsewhere, too!

9. Book-Reading Character - Iranda (Dragon Flyz), as requested by lovelykitta

Note: Set during Cifex and Iranda’s adventures on the surface of Old Earth before being rescued in my series of original stories.
Book-Reading Character: Iranda )

18. Naïve Character - Dram (Dragon Flyz), as requested by lovelykitta

This is going to focus on a young Dram, only recently adopted by Aaron and Iranda.

Naive Character: Dram )

26. Exhausted Character - Zarkan/Amod (Dragon Flyz) as requested by strongheartmaid

Exhausted Character: Zarkan/Amod )
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As this one ended up kind of long, I decided to just give it its own entry. XD

11. Jealous Character - Dark Wing (Dragon Flyz), as requested by
strongheartmaid (Twist with #29)

29. Injured Character - Dark Wing (Dragon Flyz), as requested by strongheartmaid (Twist with #11)

Fic Behind the Cut! )
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Epilogue Time guys!  This officially pushed everything over 80,000 words now. :D
I'm definitely taking a break from fic at this point.  I'll probably start cleaning this up and posting it all to FF.net or AO3 sometime this weekend, but for all intents and purposes this pretty much wraps up my DF fic universe.
Actually, I'd like to do some original stuff now or wrap up a few Jewel Riders related stuff.

Epilogue (Babies Ever After) )
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It's DONE.  *throws confetti everywhere*  The entire thing ends up clocking in around 78,000 words.  The final prompt alone is a little over 18,000 words.  Eheh...I got a little carried away. XD

Prompt 30: Oasis, Pt. 3 )

Thanks so much for reading!  Now to finish the little epilogue!
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The main story is pretty much done, though I will be posting it in several parts due to LJ's size restrictions.  Now to start a short epilogue, though!

Prompt 30: Oasis (Pt 2) )
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Ehehe...I'm still not done with this blasted story.  Getting there, hopefully by the end of April!

It's definitely going to be over 10,000 words by the time I'm done, and since I know LJ won't take that big of a block of text, here's part one.  As usual, little to no editing has been done (I'm too tired right now, really).  It's jumping all over the place; I feel like an ADHD goldfish trying to keep track of everything.  If you see weird continuity errors, please feel free to point them out!

Prompt 30: Oasis, Pt. 1 )
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Feels like forever since I wrote a personal entry here.  Everything's been Dragon Flyz fic for the last few months!

Speaking of the fic, I'm currently working on the last chapter.  The fic as a whole just passed 65,000 words the other day, so I'm at least 15,000 over goal (which is fine, of course, just unexpected!)  I waver between being pleased with it and incredibly irritated with it.  The words definitely aren't flowing as well as before!  I'll probably tack on a nice little Epilogue at the end as well, just for fluff's sake.  I really want to finish it up by the end of the month, but it might run a few days over into April.

Speaking of April, I'm planning on starting my How to Think Sideways class as well.  I've been a member for ages, but was never able to set aside time to do the lessons properly, but as it was one of my New Year's goals, I'm definitely going to tackle it this year!  I'm borrowing my Dad's Nook reader, which means I get to use it to read lessons on.  Definitely nicer than trying to print out the 50ish page lessons!  The teacher/author is Holly Lisle, and we had a short exchange over email after she recognized my email address as a character from one of her books.  I was finally able to tell her how much her books have meant to me, which was really fulfilling after basically lurking around her website/blog for years.

I was able to see two shows recently that I've wanted to see for ages - the first was Beauty and the Beast Broadway, which came to Sacramento.  It was really enjoyable, but so many kids!  Kids literally being passed back and forth over the seats between family members and loudly wondering where Belle was every time she was offstage. XD  That's what I get for going to a matinee performance, though.  It was lovely to hear "Human Again" in its original incarnation, and "Be Our Guest" was a fantastic showstopper number!  The girl playing Belle really sounded like Paige O'Hara too, which was a major plus.

The other show was Jerry Seinfeld Live!  (In my po-dunk hometown no less!)  He has long been my favorite comedian (considering I basically grew up watching his show), and it was good to know that he is just as funny in real life.  It was basically an hour and a half of nonstop laughs, and by the end of the night I had cried from laughing so hard and my cheeks hurt from excessive smiling.  The person who got our tickets also somehow scored front row as well, so I could even see facial expressions!  I've never been in the front row for anything before, so that was a real treat.

Further off news: in late June/early July I'll be going on a mission trip with the church to Fiji.  This was originally going to be a family thing, but after my Mom broke her leg in early December last year, she bowed out from going.  So it's going to be Dad, my brother, and I, and possibly one of my old friends.  Along with about twenty or so other people from the church.  I'm looking forward to it, but also fairly apprehensive as well.

In books, I just finished the excellent Legend and Prodigy by Marie Lu.  Very well done post-apocalyptic YA stuff.  A little more grounded than Hunger Games as well, which I liked.  I also just started Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers; I'm about 150 pages in so far, and it's great!

In anime, I just finished Princess Tutu.  Yes, the name sounds ridiculous, but if you like fairy tales, storytelling, ballet, or classical music at all, I highly recommend it.  Oh my goodness does it employ its classical soundtrack to use well!  It basically put me back on a classical music kick.  It's very meta about fairy tales and stories as well, which I absolutely loved - it pulls from things like The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Hans Christen Andersen to build a beautiful and somewhat dark new fairy tale.  I mean, it's main character is a duck named Duck who transforms into a girl who transforms into Princess Tutu.  How can you not love it?

Anyway, hopefully the next time I post will be the end of my Dragon Flyz fic! Cheers!
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The penultimate chapter!   I can't believe it that with this chapter, the word count just went over 60,000.  This is now officially twice as long as the longest thing I had previous written.  I'm not sure one chapter is going to be enough to end it all, though!  I'm definitely thinking of tacking on a nice little epilogue to go along with it. :)

Prompt 29: Survivors )
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Barf, this took forever.  I'm not totally satisfied with it, and I think I jumped heads a few too many times, but dang is it hard to write a television style battle from one person's perspective!  This one really got away from me in length as well.  I've been thinking I'd finish it over the last three days, only for the story to just keep adding to itself. XD  But we're nearing the end, folks!  Only two more to go!

Prompt 28: Crusade )
polychrome_pen: (Brandon of Winx Club)

As usual this took longer than expected, and ballooned past the 1667 word count. XD  Though I have to let out my excitement that this post officially took my Dragon Flyz fic past 50,000 words!  We're in novel-length territory for the first time, folks!  ^__^

A quick note:  Holly belongs t [livejournal.com profile] lovelykitta and Ilona belongs to [livejournal.com profile] strongheartmaid.  Go read their stuff, folks!  Seriously.

Day 27: Terra Firma )
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So here's the beginning of Homeland, the five-part finale to this series of stories.  This picks up pretty much directly from where Search left off.  I'm hoping to wrap a lot of stuff up in the next few chapters.  Then comes the unenviable editing process. XD

Homeland Part One: Reunion )
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Like whoa, I finally finished the numbered prompts from the table I started during NaNo!  Total word count is now over 45,000!  Search moves the story along a little further, building on things that have come before.  I am now beyond excited to start on Homeland, the conclusion to this little series.

The usual warnings apply - this has not gone through any editing aside from spellcheck.

Prompt 25: Search )
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Sooo...I'm still continuing with my Dragon Flyz NaNo stuff.  My goal is to finish it all by the end of January, so hopefully that will happen. (Then I can really and truly catch up on all of awesome stuff that you guys are doing in the comm!)

Prompt 24: Taxi )
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Somehow these three kind of ended up involving the big three from Warnado.  Well, Aloof not so much, but Nocturna still plays a decent sized role in it.  Nora continues to be a pleasure to write.   Dread Wing and Gangryn didn't give up their secrets to me very easily; especially Dread Wing.  He's so...theatrical in the show.  It works well for a cartoon, but is kind of hard to translate to written word!  I had a difficulty actually constructing any sort of plot for a Gangryn-centric story.  As it is, it ends up being more of an interlude/setting the stage for later things than a proper bit.

21: Aloof )

22: Blood )

23: Tower Block )
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Yeah...all of these pretty much tie into previous stories.  Expect it at this point.  Beach is...not my favorite.  Everything felt weird and off to me about it - I have a very hard time balancing large group stories.  Lost was way fun (and almost a direct continuation of Weapon).  Cry made me wonder if the only way I feel I can get these characters to sqend quality time together is by giving them massive injuries. XD

18: Beach )
19: Lost )
20: Cry )
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Storm and Strawberries are interconnected, with Beach loosely connected.  Strawberries might be one of my favorite pieces from the whole of the prompts!  Weapon is another that I really enjoyed (Heh, Cifex strikes again!)

15: Storm )
16: Strawberries )
17: Weapon )
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Test and Tease are two parts of the same story.

13: Test )

14: Tease )
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Yeah, I have up through day 13 done, but I'll save those for another post.  I have fallen a day behind in my word count, so I'm not exactly sure when I'm going to make that one up (hopefully I don't fall any further behind!)  Some of the luster of this project is definitely wearing off.  Also, I hate the story I wrote for "Blackboard."  I want to tear it down and rewrite it from scratch, but I sooo don't have the time.  Conversely, the bit I wrote for "Muse" might be my favorite so far.

5: Gloves )

6: Blackboard )

7: Muse )

8: Magic )

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Whew!  So I've actually been able to get the full amount of words in for the last four days (which believe me is a real shock!)  And it has been so, so fun!  Definitely glad I rewatched the series and took notes before starting, however.  I'm having a ball (though I imagine those happy feelings will start to dissipate by the middle to end of the month).  I've always worked better with goals in sight, so NaNo has been a nice motivator to finally write some Dragon Flyz fic!

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] lovelykitta, I'm totally salivating to read your DF ficcage (and have sneaked one or two of them!), but I might wait until the month is over to devour them all in order to try and avoid "cross-contamination" consider we're writing in the same fandom.  It'll also be fun to see where we cross over! ^_^

So here are my results of the first four days!  Total word count so far: 7,054.

Note: Dragon Flyz is the property of Gaumont and Abrams-Gentile Entertainment.  I claim absolutely no ownership.
Also, these are pretty raw with very little editing.  I ran spell-check at least. XD

Four days of Dragon Flyz! )

Day 2 )

Day 3 )

Day 4 )

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