Aug. 27th, 2015 11:47 pm
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My apologies for being particularly absent recently. After three days sans computer, I now fully realize just how much I use/love it.

My poor computer got a root key/malware/bloatware/general ickiness, and none of my programs or applications could connect to the internet. I took it into a local repair shop, and $180 later, my baby appears to be back to good working order. I was seriously having flashbacks to all the terrible problems I used to have with my old laptop during pharmacy school. Burn forever, Gateway.

It couldn't have come at a worse time, however, as I was hoping to use my last few days off to work on the Jewel Riders website and really hammer down a few things.

Oh well. Forced non-computer time meant I got out of the house to see Mad Max: Fury Road finally, and it was awesome. I initially thought it wasn't going to really be my cup of tea, but it was really fun! I also had the chance to finally pull out my blu-ray of Akira and get around to watching a seminal anime classic (and one of the most gorgeously animated things I've ever seen to boot!)

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.
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Only one more year now until the big three zero next October. I will be expecting my fandom grandpa card to come in the mail about that point.

I spent my birthday at work this year, unfortunately (Plus overtime, argh!) Which is pretty much as lame as it sounds. My coworkers were nice and brought in some pies for my birthday though, which was really nice. Still, it's the first time in a few years that I didn't take my birthday off and go visit my brother or parents. While nothing could compare to seeing Sarah Brightman in concert like last year, it would have been nice to at least get out of town for a few days. As it was my parents and I kind of celebrated a few weeks ago when I was visiting them.

And they got me a Kindle Paperwhite! I definitely need to start utilizing it, because damn if I am not drowning in a sea of paperbacks. Every time I visit a Friends of the Library store, it is pretty much guaranteed I was walk about with $5-10 worth of books, which at the crazy-low prices stores like that sell for, is like five to eight books. So hopefully going forward, new stuff will be on the Paperwhite, while select series will get the hardcover treatment. I feel like I'm kind of over the mass market paperback. The type is too small (fandom grandpa card!), and they just don't hold up that well. It's actually kind of sad, because they used to be my preferred format due to the price, but Ebooks are generally cheaper anyway. My brother also sent along the third Ranma 1/2 Blu-Ray set! Those are really, really gorgeous sets. Viz did a fantastic job on the packaging for them.

Another November of NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow! I'm hoping to attend the kick-off party this year as well, because I totally enjoyed the write-ins last year. They were a great motivator to keep me on track. This year, I'm planning on taking my Genderbent Oz idea through the hellish November ritual. We'll see if I can win again this year!

I've been on a huge Transformers kick lately. It all started with finally finishing Transformers: Prime, the CG show that came out a few years ago now. The best way I can describe it is: this is what you thought you were watching as a kid when the 80s show came on. Great plotting, great characters (and a thankfully smaller and more varied cast that is differentiated enough to keep easy track of!), great production values! Afterward, I watched Season One of the 80s show on Netflix...and kind of had to stop there. It's like, all the cool ingredients are there, but they never really come together well. Without good character writing to drive the story...it's actually a little bit boring? All these transforming robots have made me want to go back and check out the mid-2000s "Unicron Trilogy" of shows, though, which were adapted anime series. And of course my beloved Beast Wars. :D

I've also been checking out some great anime lately through Crunchyroll.
--Chihayafuru was definitely a best-of-decade level title. I haven't enjoyed a series so much in a long, long time. Yes, it's ostensibly about an obscure Japanese poetry card game, but actually it's about the characters and their wonderful interactions. This series made me feel bubbly and effervescent every time I tuned in.
--Love Live! School Idol Project was a great deal of fun too, witch catchy choreographed musical numbers and fun characters that really wormed their way into your heart. The first season concerns a group of girls who become 'school idols' (singers) in order to bring prestige to their school and save it from closure. The second season follows them as they attempt to win an idol contest called (what else) "Love Live."
--Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun is a hilarious high school comedy (no really, it actually is funny unlike so many other 'comedy' anime) about a girl who discovers the boy she's crushing on is actually the author of a well-regarded shoujo manga. When she tries to confess, it comes out like she's asking for an autograph, and then she somehow ends up as his assistant. This show lives and dies by its comedy, and let me tell you it is gold. The facial expressions and general wackiness remind me of Ranma 1/2 or Ouran High School Host Club, two of my favorite anime comedies.
--Then there's Glasslip. Oh my goodness was this boring and obtuse. The only good this was the background art. This series was my biggest disappointment in aaages. Being from the people behind Tari Tari, I thought I would enjoy it...but ugggh. All I could think of during this series was Scuttle (from the Little Mermaid) saying "Nothing is HAAAAAAAAPENING." Stay away, friends.

Anyway, that's all for now. Better go to bed and get some sleep before blasting off with NaNo tomorrow!
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Greetings all!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and accomplished everything they hoped to this year!  The tail-end of 2013 has felt ridiculous fast to me.  Perhaps because I spent November in a NaNo-induced haze and a late Thanksgiving shortened the Christmas season?  IDK, but I somehow feel flabbergasted that New Year's Eve is already here.

I guess the only place to start with a true review of 2013 would be to go back and review the goals and plans I made for the year at the end of 2012:

Cut for long ramblings! )

Whew!  That was super long!  Anyway, onto goals and generic year-long plans.

January: Finish posting Heart Stone, finish and post Queen Kale.  Start Paleo eating.
February-August:  Work through How to Think Sideways.  Self-publish a flash fiction collection.  Take a bloody vacation somewhere (Anime Expo?)
September-December: NaNoWriMo prep for original story.  Start revisions from first novel.  Self-publish second flash fiction collection or short story collection.

Big goals: Follow paleo eating plan for three months, then evaluate.  Shift original fiction writing into gear.  Spend way, way less money on toys.
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Eheheh....so it's been since something like March since I made a personal update here?  I intended to do a little update after Fanime back in May, and then again after my trip in July, but it just never happened.  So now I find myself here on the cusp of September, ready to look back on this summer.
Cut for super long rambling! )
That pretty much brings everything up to speed.

In writing, I've started working through Holly Lisle's "How to Write Flash Fiction That Doesn't Suck" workshop, and it's really fun so far!  I've got my first five story beginnings down, and it feels so good to write my own fiction for literally the first time in years.  I'll post beta versions here when I'm done with those.

In reading, I just finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire reread - I've been meaning to reread the last four HP books since I reread the first three last year.  I forget just how good those books are sometimes.  I also picked up City of Bones on my Nook, but I don't have great hopes for it.  Oh, and Crown of Midnight just released!  Super excited to read that.  I picked up two new manga series at Japan Expo - Dawn of  the Arcana, and Bride of the Water God.  Dawn of the Arcana is good so far (if not totally engrossing, it's at least hooked me to get a second volume).

In watching, I've been on a super Star Trek DS9 binge.  Like, the final three seasons in a row.  Guh, I'm actually a little tired of Star Trek at the moment, but I'm veyr much looking forward to the last few episodes.  I also started watching "Free! Iwatobi Swim Club" at Japan Expo, and look forward to finishing the rest on Crunchyroll.

Anyway, I ought to update here more frequently!  Cheers all.
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Feels like forever since I wrote a personal entry here.  Everything's been Dragon Flyz fic for the last few months!

Speaking of the fic, I'm currently working on the last chapter.  The fic as a whole just passed 65,000 words the other day, so I'm at least 15,000 over goal (which is fine, of course, just unexpected!)  I waver between being pleased with it and incredibly irritated with it.  The words definitely aren't flowing as well as before!  I'll probably tack on a nice little Epilogue at the end as well, just for fluff's sake.  I really want to finish it up by the end of the month, but it might run a few days over into April.

Speaking of April, I'm planning on starting my How to Think Sideways class as well.  I've been a member for ages, but was never able to set aside time to do the lessons properly, but as it was one of my New Year's goals, I'm definitely going to tackle it this year!  I'm borrowing my Dad's Nook reader, which means I get to use it to read lessons on.  Definitely nicer than trying to print out the 50ish page lessons!  The teacher/author is Holly Lisle, and we had a short exchange over email after she recognized my email address as a character from one of her books.  I was finally able to tell her how much her books have meant to me, which was really fulfilling after basically lurking around her website/blog for years.

I was able to see two shows recently that I've wanted to see for ages - the first was Beauty and the Beast Broadway, which came to Sacramento.  It was really enjoyable, but so many kids!  Kids literally being passed back and forth over the seats between family members and loudly wondering where Belle was every time she was offstage. XD  That's what I get for going to a matinee performance, though.  It was lovely to hear "Human Again" in its original incarnation, and "Be Our Guest" was a fantastic showstopper number!  The girl playing Belle really sounded like Paige O'Hara too, which was a major plus.

The other show was Jerry Seinfeld Live!  (In my po-dunk hometown no less!)  He has long been my favorite comedian (considering I basically grew up watching his show), and it was good to know that he is just as funny in real life.  It was basically an hour and a half of nonstop laughs, and by the end of the night I had cried from laughing so hard and my cheeks hurt from excessive smiling.  The person who got our tickets also somehow scored front row as well, so I could even see facial expressions!  I've never been in the front row for anything before, so that was a real treat.

Further off news: in late June/early July I'll be going on a mission trip with the church to Fiji.  This was originally going to be a family thing, but after my Mom broke her leg in early December last year, she bowed out from going.  So it's going to be Dad, my brother, and I, and possibly one of my old friends.  Along with about twenty or so other people from the church.  I'm looking forward to it, but also fairly apprehensive as well.

In books, I just finished the excellent Legend and Prodigy by Marie Lu.  Very well done post-apocalyptic YA stuff.  A little more grounded than Hunger Games as well, which I liked.  I also just started Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers; I'm about 150 pages in so far, and it's great!

In anime, I just finished Princess Tutu.  Yes, the name sounds ridiculous, but if you like fairy tales, storytelling, ballet, or classical music at all, I highly recommend it.  Oh my goodness does it employ its classical soundtrack to use well!  It basically put me back on a classical music kick.  It's very meta about fairy tales and stories as well, which I absolutely loved - it pulls from things like The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Hans Christen Andersen to build a beautiful and somewhat dark new fairy tale.  I mean, it's main character is a duck named Duck who transforms into a girl who transforms into Princess Tutu.  How can you not love it?

Anyway, hopefully the next time I post will be the end of my Dragon Flyz fic! Cheers!
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So apparently falling off the Earth and forgetting to update my LJ is becoming alarmingly common.  Well, I comment in the communities I watch, but somehow I never get around to updating this journal.  I definitely need to remedy that going forward.  These three month gaps between updates means I forget to write about lots of stuff.

So, I see my last entry was right before Anime Expo, so let's start there.  Can I just wallow in the feelings of joy I experienced going to a con for the first time since 2004?  I know I was apprehensive before going down - would I still feel the same happiness about the con experience, or would I just feel irritated and frustrated?  To my delight, it was definitely the former. 

Except for the driving part, which was way worse this year - the con used to be in Anaheim (Disneyland area), which was a wonderful convention center and super easy to get to.  By this point however, the con has outgrown that area and now resides in the LA Convention Center.  I am ultra afraid of driving in congested metropolitan areas like whoa, and this was no exception.  It didn't help that the GPS got us super lost (it was the first time that's ever happened, and I feel so betrayed! XD) and that traffic seemed to come to a grinding halt in pretty much any direction we went.  At least if I go back next year, I will have a much greater understanding of that area!

On a happier note, I want to say how much of an improvement the registration process has undergone since I last attended.  We were in line for maybe 45 minutes - a far cry from the untold hours in line spent in years previous. 

The selection of guests and panels was only just okay.  I feel like if you hadn't seen Fate/Zero or Madoka Magica there was like no reason to attend. XD  I'm glad I made it a point to at least watch Madoka before going.  The composer for both of those series - Yuki Kajiura - was in attendance this year again (she was also here in 2003), and her band Fiction Junction gave an AMAZING concert.  I was so, so glad that I got those tickets because it was the highlight of the con for me to see her again.

On a weird note, I also got to meet Peter S. Beagle in the dealer's room!  He was there promoting the graphic novel edition of the Last Unicrorn (which I of course got a signed copy of), and I had the opportunity to chat with him a little bit; let me just say that man is an exceptional gentleman, and being able to meet him was probably my greatest con surprise.  He was also interested in my "20% Cooler" Rainbow Dash shirt (which I was also complemented on by a 10 year old boy and got bro-hoofed in line for the concert. XD  I'm not really a brony, so I found this all very amusing).

So yeah, Anime Expo 2012 was a great experience.  It really felt nice to just be around an are filled with general weirdness, be able to nerd out with panels, buy fun stuff in the dealer's room, and forcibly remind myself that I am not the only person in real life who likes anime.  Sometimes I tend to forget that little nugget of wisdom.

After AX, I spent about a week hanging out with my parents and spending time at the ocean.  We returned at long last to Sea Ranch (which despite the name really has nothing to do with horses) - possibly the most relaxing place on Earth.  I dug into reading the awesome Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld, and we pretty much did nothing of import aside from walking down to the beach and looking at the adorable seal colony daily.

Other than the vacation, summer has been a little bit of a blur.  I've really tried to spend more time in the gym with my trainer.  I'm definitely feeling like I have a little more muscle definition, which is great, but since it's basically still covered with a layer of fat it's kind of a moot point?  IDK, I need to get my diet back under control.  After spending three months on the new Weight Watchers, I cancelled my subscription.  I never saw two consecutive weeks of weight loss, despite following the PointsPlus programs very closely.  So that was a bit defeating.  I'm debating getting out my old WW materials again.

Fall/Winter is looking rather busy.  For a self birthday gift, I got tickets to see Cirque du Soleil next week.  And then Sarah Brightman announced a new tour, which I can't miss.  Having been to her last two tours, I plan to keep going to every one I can.  I'm also thinking about getting Nutcracker tickets for Christmas.  It's been ages since I last went, and since I was able to secure a good amount of days off this Christmas (since I worked last year), it might be a nice outing.

Writing wise, a lot of it is still flailing about.  My end-of-year writing goal is to finish Queen Kale (a one-shot Jewel Riders fic I started at Sea Ranch) and add one more chapter on my old Tamara fic.  The Tamara fic unfortunately has like five or six more chapters to go.

And on a final note, on October 4th I celebrated two years at my current job.  It feels weird that I've been here for that long.  I'm torn about looking for another job, as I really like the people I work with, but want to be closer to my family.  But it's almost like the longer I stay the harder it will be to leave.

On a less introspective note: first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season today!  SO GOOD.
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So, I haven't updated here in awhile.  (Apparently not since my terrible car issues of a few months previous!)

Suffice to say, I became a good deal poorer after those cars repairs, and while the car is still running, I am in the process of researching different options for a new car possibly to be acquired later this year.  I'm leaning toward something hybrid (due to the frequent trips back and forth to visit the family), but whatever it is, the car will need to last about eight years with a minimum of issues.  Why eight years?  Because at that point, my school loans should finally be paid off.  Guh.  It feels like forever.

Anyway, as of this evening I am officially on vacation for two weeks.  And it feels pretty much necessary at this point.  I'm so tired right now (due to a host of issues at work) that I could pretty much sleep for a week.

But sleep is not on the menu.  Oh no.  Because at 2 AM tomorrow, I am getting up with my brother and driving to Los Angeles (yay six hour car rides!) for Anime Expo!  I can't believe it, but the last year I attended AX was in 2004, right after graduating high school.  It almost feels like a lifetime ago.  I'm very interested as to how I'll feel toward the fandom in general this time around (now officially with my Crotchety Old Fan Card!).  I mean, I still love me some animes, but like, the majority of fandom seems to now be ten years younger than me.  So that should be interesting.

Still, I've secured tickets for the Yuki Kajiura concert, so I am content.  I saw her concert last time I was at AX, and it was amazing.  But other than that, I'm going to see some friends while I'm down there as well, so that should be lots of fun as well.

Anyway, I'm off to get two-ish hours of sleep before rocketing off again.  See you all in a few days!  

(By the by, if anyone wants me to look for something for you in the dealer's room, let me know in the comments and I'd be happy to paw around!)
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After yesterday night's binge (and a few more episodes today) I finished The Glass Mask, one of the best anime series I've seen in quite some time.

The 51 episode series (available for free at Crunchy Roll) follows the career highs and lows of Maya Kitajima, a young stage actress. We meet her mentor, the aged yet formidable Chigusa Tsukigage who was a huge star before an accident on stage, and Ayumi Himekawa, another young actress and a daughter who wants to step out of the shadows of her celebrity parents. Maya and Ayumi grow to be rivals as the series progresses, though both end up being tutored by Ms. Tsukikage. The fourth really main character is Masumi Hayami, the young president of Daito Entertainment (a media company that sponsors Ayumi's acting troupe). While on the outside he seems to oppose Maya's efforts, he secretly supports her acting as the anonymous "Mr. Purple Roses" who sends his namesake to Maya after each of her performances.

I'm always drawn to series about the performing arts. Kaleido Star was a fabulous series about circus performers, while Nodame Cantabile and La Corda d'Oro plumbed the depths of classical music and what it means to us. The Glass Mask is that kind of series for acting.

Now, this isn't the first time that The Glass Mask has been brought to life with animation. There was a 1984 series, and a late 90s OAV as well (both of which I'd kind of like to track down, now). I think this series must maintain some kind of homage to the earlier ones, as the designs feel very inspired by what you might have seen in an 80s shoujo anime, but updated to feel a little more fresh.

Are there problems? Of course. Supporting characters never really feel fleshed out to the extent they should, the music can be pretty bland, and for a series about acting the animation tends to be on the stiff side (except for facial close ups, which the animators seem to have spent half the budget on). But the series really hooks you after a few episodes and never lets go. In fact, the format of different challenging plays that the cast competes in really reminded me of shounen "tournament" series, where the main character always has to figure out something new to overcome the current obstacle.

But the series really made me revisit my own love of acting - something I used to do quite often back in the day, and still something that I miss and feel nostalgic for from time to time. I know what it's like to try and memorize lines, worry about your costume, and enjoy the applause of the audience. And I think those acting experiences (even if many of them were for class), helped to create a personal connection with this series.

And now I think I'm going to go look for local plays to see. I haven't been to see live theatre since Wicked (almost two years ago!), and I miss it dearly.

Money Talk

May. 28th, 2009 10:19 pm
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Going over my account again and doin' the sums, I realize I'm just not financially where I want to be before going on Rotations come August. I've only got about 2.5 months before I'll probably be quitting my job. Add to that a few weeks off for tests, and my earning power dwindles even further.

The long and short of it is, I'm probably going to extend my current toy buying moratorium through July. If I get through the semester then, I'll reward myself with a few more Pullips or the Simba Winx. But the money is just...not there to bring them home now.

If I'm feeling the desperate need for retail therapy books are probably the way to go. They're way cheaper in the long run. Ideally, though, I won't spend anything though that is incredibly unlikely!. I still have toys to debox and plenty of books to read anyway.

Speaking of Rotations, we finally got our location assignments! I got most of my first choices (yay Nuclear Pharmacy!), so I'm pretty happy about that. Plus, my six sites are fairly close together, so that narrows my apartment search range considerably.

I finished watching Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ today, and oh my is it a guilty pleasure. I actually downloaded it because of the Pullips based on it coming out next month. XD Lots of bishounen eye candy if that's your thing, but they're actually developed surprisingly well, and it's got a decent plot to boot! Angelique (the main character) is really darling too. I'm totally shipping her and Rayne.
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So I've been pretty notably absent for the last couple of weeks, which is so sad. What can I say? School is already pressing down on me like a two ton walrus. XD

So, updates!

SCHOOL: Hard, yet boring, with a sleep-deprived aftertaste. It's kind of sick when I think that Pharmacy Law might be my most interesting class right now. Though Toxicology is pretty awesome. Poisons!
General Pharmaceutical Care and Renal/Respiratory Care are both hampered by boring-as-dirt teachers, during classes that COULD be interesting into a fight against somnolence.

But we pick Rotations sites in a week. I have number 80 out of 230, so I kind of lucked out, and am hoping I can get my #1 choice. :)

CHOIR: Back in session! We have a new director for the remainder of the season, which I'm really grateful for. What's really weird is that he was our old director's music teacher back in Venezuela. Oh, small world. But I'm really glad I'll at least be able to sing until I leave for Rotations.

PIANO: Chugging along. Still don't get to practice often enough.

READING: Peter and the Starcatchers is the current book, and very fun so far. I'm excited to see how it turns out! But it's definitely not fun to limit myself to about 20 pages a night - makes me feel like I'll never get through it. D:

WATCHING: Outlaw Star and Angel Links. I can't express how much I enjoyed these two anime series. I feel like it's been a long time since I've had such fun watching anime. Maybe it helps that they're, like, 10+ years old. XD Oh me and my nostalgia. To think that series I passed over when they were new are now like unmined gems waiting to be discovered! I think I'm going to be on an old anime kick for a bit now. :)

RANDOM: I'm so excited - I finally ordered more Italian Winx dolls! My Brandon has been lonely for some time now, so I ordered Sky, Stella, Bloom, and Flora. Sky, Stella, and Bloom were all from Tons of Toys, and Flora was from Ebay. All together, the bill came to $191, which was kind of on the pricey side, but on the flip side they're all getting harder to find, so it was better to not wait. :D So excited!
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Day 8: 12/18

Wow...this is the last day of these, huh? I can believe I actually remembered to post one every day. XD

I was happy today having sushi with some of my friends, and also watching Ouran High School Host Club! Seriously, that is a hilarious/super addicting anime. I'm ashamed I hadn't started watching it until now. I think I devoured my way through about ten episodes today *insert look of shame here*.

In other unrelated news, I've been reading my way through the original Peter Pan, which is rather delightful, even though I sometimes can't follow the language. XD
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DO NOT WANT. I can't believe that my computer is messed up again. Upon installing Windows Updates (which I think I shall now live in fear of for the rest of my life), my "Documents" folder seems to have become corrupted. >_< I thought that things would finally run smoothly after the tech people installed not only a new hard drive, but a new motherboard as well! Apparently not. That leaves, what...a software issue? I don't have any non-standard programs on there (hell, I don't even have AIM), so does that leave some kind of fatal flaw in the OS (Vista) itself? Or is it just because I'm cursed enough to end up with a Gateway computer?

But anyway.

I'm excited too because our new IBS-II lecturer is British! Since I love British accents, it makes the class ten times more interesting to listen to.
Other than that, school has ratcheted up a notch on the difficulty scale. Between re-listening to some lectures, labs, quizzes, the poster project, and upcoming Midterms (February 19-22), I've had barely any time for pleasure reading/watching, piano, and sleep (of course).

However, I have been listening to the Pocahontas soundtrack on my drive. I had forgotten just how awesome that music is - and the movie too. It's a truly beautiful and sadly overlooked gem among the Disney canon. I've been dying to re-watch it now, but have no time. Though I'll probably try and work it in somewhere because the desire to see it again is eating me alive...

Oh, and I finally used my eBay gift card from Christmas! I now finally own the complete US release of the Marmalade Boy DVD box sets. It's seriously one of the best romance anime out there (even if it's basically ancient by today's standards). I'm especially happy because I was able to get sets 3 and 4 (both sealed), which are both out of print.

And for some reason I've been in a writing mood too. Not that I'll probably get any writing done in the near future (well, maybe a little if I can actually get myself to sit down and actually start something. But lately I've been writing a little personal retrospective lately on where the seeds were sown and who I developed the ideas with for some of my stories. It's scary just how many of my ideas were born from the creative collaboration between myself and an old friend. ^_^ I miss that collaboration and person very dearly now that they're gone. It was wonderful to have someone to discuss ideas with on a daily basis.
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So yeah...I've been a little absent around here lately.

At least I have an excuse, and its name is...Staphylococcus aureus, that great little bacteria that causes FOOD POISONING.

That's right. I went out for sushi with friends last Saturday night, and started to feel a little gastrointestinal discomfort around midnight (the fast onset of symptoms lead me to conclude later it was food poisoning). So I wake up around 4 am all feverish, and in the meantime my stomach problems have gotten way worse. I drug my comforter into the bathroom and laid on the tile for a little bit. It all went downhill from there. Over the course of the next 8 hours, I threw up at least 15 times...15 TIMES!

I haven't prayed to the porcelain god like that in a very long time, and haven't even thrown up since senior year after I came back down from climbing Half Dome in Yosemite. Needless to say, I was wiped out the rest of Sunday (which was bad, since I needed to spend the day doing research for my History of Ancient Rome essay! T_T) and suffered chills and other such nasties for the rest of the day. It's Thursday, and I still don't feel 100% yet. Sometimes it seems like I never will. I don't have much appetite for anything, that's for sure. And I certainly don't want to see sushi for a very long time.

Ah...nothing like being knocked flat by a little bacteria...>o< Oh joy.

In other news...I LOVE NODAME CANTABILE. I mean, come on - an anime about classical music students? And comedy and plotting like Honey and Clover...what's not to love? It's even gotten me really fired up about classical music again; one of the students played Rachmaninoff's 2nd Piano Concerto, and it made me dig out my brother's CD and remember why I <3 Rachmaninoff. XD And it really makes me want to play music again. Maybe I'll dig out my clarinet once finals are done or something. (Or maybe I'll take piano lessons over summer break! Heheh.) It also makes me want to go see some live Classical music. I need to check what the San Francisco Symphony is playing.

I had my Anatomy Final today, and let me tell you, I'm glad to be done with that class. But now I have to get through my O.Chem final and write my History of Rome paper in one day! >3> No easy feat! So there are a few days still until I can truly relax.

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