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Apr. 24th, 2014 12:23 am
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Catching up with the first eight episodes of season six, I've fallen in love with Winx Club all over again.  It's funny, I'll go through these periods where I don't think about the series at all and feel like it doesn't mean much to me anymore, but then I'll watch a few new episodes and everything "Blooms" Haha, I went there back to life again.

Random thoughts on the new material:

  • I still love Daphne.  I always loved her as a non-corporeal being, and was delighted by her heavy inclusion in S5.  I was overjoyed when she became corporeal again at the end of the season, but I was worried how they would incorporate her into S6.  She isn't really a Winx (having lived, y'know, sixteen (eighteen?  twenty?) years as a ghost nymph), but having her as a teacher/mentor to the girls is working really well.  Her not-quite-romance with Thoren is cute, too.  But if she can barely walk with accidents, I'm not sure she's ready for romance. :\

  • Speaking of Thoren, it's great to not one, but TWO new guy characters!  Thoren and Nex have been enjoyable additions so far.  I'm not sure how I feel about the Aisha/Nex/Roy love triangle yet, though.

  • However, I'm not delighted that the Specialists have gotten basically no screen time aside from the tiny bit of their training on Linphea.  Seriously, have Brandon, Helia, Riven, or Timmy even gotten any lines yet this season?

  • New Specialist/Paladin uniforms!  These are awesome, but I kind of find myself missing the old uniforms?  The original Red Fountain uniforms were a great design, but I'm still glad the boys got a uniform update after like eight different ones for the girls.

  • Speaking of new transformations, Bloomix is absolutely gorgeous.  To me, it combines the best parts of Believix and Sirenix, with a little bit of the glamorous nature of Enchantix thrown in for added sparkle.  I'll be sad when the outfits change to Mythix.

  • New standard Trix outfits!  True that we had Dark Sirenix and Disenchantix in previous seasons, but this is the first time their really basic look has changed.  Icy's hair is ridiculous/horrible though.

  • Also, it's fantastic to see the Trix as powerful villainesses in their own right again.  But where did this new surge of power come from exactly?

  • Selina was kind of boring me until they introduced Acheron inside the Legendarium and the fact that she and Bloom knew each other as kids!  (Also, can I say how fun it was that they included that little flashback where Bloom was wearing her S1 outfit?)

  • Ugh, Diaspro is back.  Granted, she's actually aligned with the Trix now, but she's a tired character at this point.  Especially after her misuse in S5.

  • Oooh, so there are many magical schools we'll be visiting this season?  Here's hoping we get to see Beta!

  • Flora's sister Miele (I swear, I'll always think of her as Rose!) is totally adorable in her fairy outfit.  I hope she comes back at some point and befriends Roxy or something.

  • What's the deal with replacing Tune and Digit with Cara and Cherie in the Pixie roster and then acting like nothing's different?  I realize they're trying to promote Pop Pixie and all that, but dude, don't mess with canon like that.  Still, slightly older Piff is adorable and they Pixies are actually helping somewhat in fights now?

  • Err, we're back on Earth for at least a short time.  I'm not really liking that direction, considering the last time a season was set on Earth it was my least favorite season.  Here's hoping for continuity at least with the Earth Fairies while the Winx search for the Fairy Godmother who wrote about the Legendarium.

I'm so curious where things will go from here.  Here's hoping Nick gets their act together and airs the rest of S6 soon.

Also, are we getting any Jakks dolls in the US for S6?  If not, I'm going to go bankrupt importing the Italian Bloomix designs.

And also, I may have just bought a few more of the old Giochi dolls.  I found a seller in the US who had several of them for a really good price and just couldn't stop myself. XD
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